Clockwork Goblin Let The British Automotons Off The Line

November 6, 2013 by brennon

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Clockwork Goblin have some epic looking British Automatons coming to the tabletop pretty soon. See what you think of these previews below including a scale image to show them towering over allies and enemies alike.

28mm British Automatons

28mm British Automatons (Scale)

These are pretty mega soldiers and I reckon they would be a good compliment for the Bolt Action line. You could have a lot of fun making up some crazy weird world war armies.

As well as these 28mm versions they also have some 15mm that could be used with Flames of War models and some of the existing range from Clockwork Goblin for a bit of crazy warfare.

I am pretty impressed with these mighty robots and would love to see some more variants!

What do you think?

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