Clockwork Goblin Miniatures Ramp Up the War Effort

July 18, 2012 by brennon

You might remember that a few weeks ago we looked at some new models coming out of Clockwork Goblin Miniatures. These 15mm scale Weird World War soldiers were quite something and we have been waiting with baited breath for what's next. Well, let's check out what the future holds for this fledgling company...

15mm US Heavy Infantry Command

15mm German Heavy Infantry Command

First up are the command sections for the Heavy Infantry on both the US and German side. Nice bulky armour but with a sense of the archaic and antique about it too. Loving the gas mask helmet design on the Germans too, always good for making them look more decidedly 'bad guy'.

15mm German Zombie Squad (Also in 28mm)

The Germans have also got a host of zombies to add to their roster. These will be available in both 15mm and 28mm so you can add them into some interesting Bolt Action missions too hopefully!

15mm US Medium Walker

And if you need a little bit of fire power why bother with a tank when you could have one of these beauties! Now that's how to take down an enemy bunker!

To check out more, look up Clockwork Goblin on Facebook and Twitter.

So what do you make of Clockwork Goblin and their continued previews?

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