Clockwork Goblin Miniatures Unleash a German Mecha Walker

July 27, 2012 by brennon

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Another update now from the Clockwork Goblin Miniatures crew who are working on their 15mm Weird World War game. Check out the latest render of the German Mecha Walker below...

15mm German Konigsmecha Heavy Walker

These miniatures are starting to remind me of Command & Conquer more and more, just one set in the midst of World War II. I'm liking that this was most likely simply a tank before, but some enterprising engineer tore off the tracks and gave it legs instead!

15mm US Light Walker

The US aren't going to be left in the dust though. Check out their Light Walker, looking a lot like the mech from the film Sucker Punch. I love to think of these painted up coated in soot and belching smoke, that massive machine gun overheating with spent rounds all around it.

This game is certainly starting to evoke a great image.

Here's another image that just got released too, an alternative US Medium Walker load-out...

What do you make of these Mecha?

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