Clockwork Goblin Show off the Miniatures for War Without End

August 15, 2012 by brennon

We've seen the concepts and some renders for the War Without End models by Clockwork Goblin, but now it's time for the miniatures to make an appearance. Check them out below...

15mm German Command

15mm German Infantry

15mm US Command

15mm US Infantry

First up is the selection of infantry models that are on offer for both the US and German forces. Considering these are in 15mm they don't look half bad and I could see a horde of these on the tabletop looking good.

Of course the real reason a lot of you are interested in Clockwork Goblin are these...

M2A5 Coyote Infantry Support Walker

US M6 Grizzly Walker

These are the mighty walkers for the game! Now these are some impressive models that deserve a fair amount of praise. Check out how big these are compared to a standard tank...

Mech Scale Comparison

This is turning out to be a fantastic line of miniatures. It even has a selection of zombies on the way too!


So what do you think folks?

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