Clockwork Goblin Let Loose More Weird World War Walkers

November 19, 2014 by brennon

Clockwork Goblin have posted up some more previews of their 28mm and 15mm US Walkers that are perfect for all that Weird World War gaming you'll be doing. Check them out...

US Walker (Front)

US Walker (Side)

US Walker (Rear)

Some pretty awesome looking pieces of technology and certainly a bit of a step up when compared to the standard tanks of the age. I like that they've done both an open and closed hatch version of the walker allowing you to not only keep them noticeably separate on the tabletop but also so you can have a go at painting crew.

I'm not entirely sure it's that safe to have the hatch open on the battlefield but each to their own we guess!

28mm vs 15mm (Front)

28mm vs 15mm (Rear)

As well as the 28mm walkers there are some 15mm options as well coming soon. They look just as detailed as their 28mm brothers and now you know you have to push them into your games of Flames of War somewhere too.

If you wanted to use some of the Clockwork Goblin range in your games then you'll be pleased to know they worked out some rules for using them in Bolt Action which you can download HERE.

What do you think of them?

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