Get Some Konflikt ’47 Inspiration With Soviets & 15mm Walkers

August 18, 2016 by brennon

Warlord Games and the community behind them on social media have been tinkering away creating all manner of awesome miniatures for Konflikt '47. For example here we have some awesome Soviet Heavy Infantry by Steve Day...

Russian Heavy Infantry

These aren't on sale yet but you can sometimes pick these up from some events if you're lucky. As well as that Lukasz has been tinkering away one one of the Grizzly Walkers for the US.

Here you can see it kneeling behind some cover as it readies its cannon to blast away its foes.

Grizzly #1

Grizzly #2

Last but not least we get a look at a different scale for Konflikt '47. Mick Allan plays the game in 15mm scale and shows off his Zeus Walker. Clockwork Goblin originally made these miniatures in 15mm...

15mm Zeus

...and while they don't have any of them right now there are some suppliers out there who still create the miniatures in this scale. Apparently the game plays perfectly well in 15mm as well as 28mm!

What do you think of the tinkering going on with Konflikt '47?

Drop your thoughts below!

"Apparently the game plays perfectly well in 15mm as well as 28mm!"

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