More Konflikt ’47 Previews Pop Up From Clockwork Goblin

November 3, 2016 by brennon

Warlord Games have collected together a number of different releases coming out in the future for Clockwork Goblin's Konflikt '47. Let's see what's on the cards...

British Automaton

First up we have another look at the British Automaton who will be clanking and whirring their way into this Weird World War. It seems like a good idea to get these folks to do your fighting as they are stronger and tougher than any human!

A series of alternative helmets are also going to be on the way for you to use with your armour troops and more. I think that while the gas mask looks great, the knight helm is far superior!

Alternative Heads

In terms of bitz there's also a new tank turret on the way for the Soviets.


This is the new Soviet K47 Turret allowing you to charge up some big ol' guns so you can blast armour to pieces. It's going to be fun seeing what folks do with the painting here.

Following on from that we have a bit of model awesomeness with the German Heavy Infantry who will be taking on all those Soviet Werebears.

German Heavy #1

Now that is awesome looking...

German Heavy #2

Have you been tempted by any of the new releases for Konflikt '47? With the Soviets and the British on the way it will be interesting to see how the factions develop.

What do you think?

"I think that while the gas mask looks great, the knight helm is far superior!"

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