Send In The Mechpanzer From Clockwork Goblin!

October 7, 2013 by brennon

Clockwork Goblin are powering ahead with the models for their weird world war battle game Konflikt '47 and they have a mighty machine to add to your battlefields. See if the German Heavy Mechpanzer Zeus tickles your modelling fancy...

German Heavy Mechpanzer Zeus #1

German Heavy Mechpanzer Zeus #2

This contraption is 15mm is scale so works well with their infantry and other mech-vehicles for the game. I also see this sitting well with some of the models from Flames of War. Now you can weird it all up with these added models from Clockwork Goblin!

I think I might see if I can twist Warren's arm and get him to add these to his Nachtwulf!

What do you think of these walkers?

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