Legionnaire Set Your Mission In Close Quarters: Skirmish

March 6, 2014 by brennon

Legionnaire Games have released their Close Quarters: Skirmish rules on Wargames Vault giving you a range of rules to use with both 15mm and 28mm miniatures on both a skirmish and mass battle level.

Close Quarters: Skirmish

Close Quarters

Here's a run down of what you get inside this digital tome...

  • Easy to play game mechanics, with most functions resolved by the roll of a single die.
  • Basic rules for infantry, support weapons, vehicles, crewed weapons, and indirect fire (including off-board artillery)
  • 22 optional rules for players wanting a more detailed or varied game
  • Dozens of weapons, troop attributes, and vehicle systems to choose from
  • Field officers, NCOs, snipers, hackers, sappers, MBTs, tank destroyers, IFVs, VTOLs, antitank guns, power armor troopers, and a number of possibilities for some very non-human opponents
  • 11 standard scenarios that scale in both table size and number of game turns depending on the forces chosen for use by each player
  • A campaign game system that allows your men to improve over the course of the conflict
  • Complete rules for creating and fielding forces of your own design
  • Four pre-generated forces, representing human and alien factions in the late 25th century, along with TO&E and unit stats for each
  • Two playable sample campaign game forces
  • Blank, edit-enabled troop/vehicle and campaign game roster PDF forms
  • All necessary game markers, templates, and charts

I have to say this sounds really quite cool and the rulebook is pretty cheap too so you can easily give this a download and a read before taking some of your forces onto the battlefield.

Delve in soldier!

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