Modular Sci Fi Terrain From CNC Workshop Takes Your Game to New Heights

January 19, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

CNC Workshop Modular Sci-Fi Terrain

CNC Workshop has just released some fantastic, modular terrain to take your game to new heights! Their Paranoia Pagoda Blocks are ready for you to show your creativity on a Sci Fi themed tabletop. You can choose the pieces according to your vision for the table. You can choose to keep things low with single level pieces or you can stack those same pieces to really take your game to a whole new "level."

Pagoda block

If you think the modular concept is cool then you'll really appreciate the skywalk connector pieces! The stacks don't have to be free standing towers- they can flow from one to another and your miniatures can game right across the different heights!

Pagoda block skywalkOne look at this and I could picture an epic Infinity game (which it has already seen some tournament use), and I know there are countless other game systems that would compliment this terrain nicely.

Pagoda modular system

What game can you envision playing in this modular terrain?

"One look at this and I could picture an epic Infinity game"

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