Code Orange Games Show Off Collision Event Models

October 5, 2016 by brennon

Code Orange Games has shown off some of the new miniatures that will be available during their Kickstarter campaign for Collision and at future events they attend. We kick things off with The Unwanted...

Unwanted Brawler

The model in question for them is the Brawler who is armed with two fighting claws. With him, there are no tactics. All he wants to do is hit you hard and as many times as possible in a bloody frenzy. Sounds ace!

Following on from him we have a more measured looking Reclaimer Protector.

Reclaimer Protector

He has mastered the use of that large sword of his and can either focus his attention into singularly decapitating blows or swing that blade in a wide arch hitting as many foes as possible. Code Orange did say that any allies in the way would get hit as well so be careful!

New Faction

As well as the new models that you see above Code Orange also showed off the artwork for their third faction, Nyx.

Nyx Faction

"So the Nyx were born, an elite force of women soldiers. Named after an old goddess of the Night, a goddess presumably feared by even the divine overlord himself, these women follow her example and fight uncompromisingly and preferably in the dark.

The Nyx see violence as a means to their ends, a way to fulfil their dream of a matriarchal Utopia. These women live only to train and fight."

The idea of a speedy and more agile faction certainly works well against the brutish nature of the Unwanted and the 'all-rounders' in the Reclaimers. It will be fun to see how the miniatures come out for these warrior women!

What do you think of their designs?

"Code Orange also showed off the artwork for their third faction, Nyx..."

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