Code Orange Games Take To Kickstarter With Collision

October 10, 2016 by brennon

We've taken a look at the world of Collision before and now it's finally arrived on Kickstarter from Code Orange Games looking for funding to take this Sci-Fi universe forward.


In 32mm scale this game plays with between two or five players. In terms of game size, the model count doesn't exceed more than around ten models which is great for this world where big armies might not be in everyone's collection.

Talking of the models, this game brings in both The Reclaimers and The Unwanted as the two big factions, starting with the survivors.


"The survivors of the Blackout are called Reclaimers because of their ability to salvage any piece of scrap in order to repair and jury-rig their colliders and weapons. All precious Collision shards in the vicinity of their settlements have long been spent and the Reclaimers have to organize increasingly dangerous expeditions deeper into the city ruins.

Here they must fight against rival gangs, mutants, and other unspeakable horrors."

If you're more interested in The Unwanted then you can also pick up these Mutants.

The Unwanted

"The Unwanted are the throngs of mutated survivors who have been cast out of the “civilised” settlements and left to die in the ruins of mankind. Brooding in the shadows of the ruins, The Unwanted find other mutants who share their unfortunate fate.

These mutants come together in roving bands and wander through the wastelands, bent on revenge. The Unwanted attack and destroy settlements in order to loot supplies and more importantly to wreak bloody revenge on those who banished them."

If you're interested in how each of these factions play then you'll be able to see more of that in the video at the top of the page. It will give you a good rundown of how it all comes together.

The third faction is The Nyx who are going to be added as a different flavour of human survivor battling it out.


"These all-female warriors call themselves Nyx, after a Goddess of the night from the old world. They accept violence as a necessary evil to build their Utopia. These proud women disapprove of brute physical strength and rely on skill, speed and agility to gain what they need.

They use the cover of night, martial arts and guerrilla warfare in order to overcome their many enemies. Even infiltration, manipulation and intrigue may be employed to destroy their enemies from within."

The game is looking polished and while the Sci-Fi wastelands of the future aren't anything new I think the design of the factions and the background here will help the game stand out.

Are you interested in Collision?

"I think the design of the factions and the background here will help the game stand out..."

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