Painted Nyx Warriors Get Scrapping In Code Orange’s Collision

May 31, 2017 by brennon

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The team at Code Orange Games has now revealed some of the finished and painted miniatures for the Nyx Faction in their tabletop skirmish game, Collision. See what you think...

Nyx #1

The Fury; an agile warrior woman armed with carbine is a force to be reckoned with. She will attack you at long range and will become all the more lethal if she gets wounded.

Each of them fulfils a particular role on the battlefield so we'll include below each the fluff on how they play in the game and their names. Starting with The Fury above.

Nyx #2

The Artemis; a scout and master with the composite bow. This assassin will appear behind enemy lines to attack her opponent from the rear.

Nyx #3

The Fury (Alt); she is the close combat specialist of the group. Wielding a deadly katana she is to be feared up close.

Nyx #4

The Matriarch; a leader, warrior and wielder of mystic and unexplained powers. With these powers, she can summon shadows around her and the group or predict the enemies actions.

Nyx #5

The Nemesis; armed with a light machine gun she gives covering fire for her teammates. She can even attack multiple opponents with shooting attack!

I think this faction might have to be my pick if I ever try and get stuck into the world of Collision. I love their style and they all seem to have that cinematic edge where you could imagine them owning the battlefield.

Have you had a look at the faction and world of Collision?

"I love their style and they all seem to have that cinematic edge..."

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