Combatzone Terrain For Land, Sea & Space On Kickstarter!

September 24, 2014 by brennon

Combatzone Scenery have taken to Kickstarter to supply miniatures gamers with terrain for use in your games of X-Wing, Firestorm Armada, Star Trek Attack Wing and even Sails of Glory!

Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Defence Station


As well as basic asteroids they have also added small buildings onto them like you can see above with the Asteroid Defence Station. Each of the pieces is made of a plaster called Crystacal R that is very resilient to painting and, I must say, provides some very nice effects.

Space Worm

Kronos II

Mining Colony

Nu Earth

Some of the coolest pieces however are their larger planets which you can see above. Kronos II is probably the best piece of the lot as I love the look of planets like this where it's utterly destroyed and the fragments of it are held in space, almost like stasis.

Gemini Isles

Last but not least we have some terrain for use in games like Sails of Glory and Uncharted Seas. You get huge rock formations, islands and little settlements too making your deep ocean look all the more lived in and a little less drab.

This is quite the cool scenery based Kickstarter and could be just what you need if you play any of these space or sea based games.

Don't forget we did a Hobby Lab on Building Asteroids so check that out if you want an alternative!

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