Community Spotlight: Nine Awesome Projects To Start 2018!

January 12, 2018 by crew

So, we're back with Community Spotlight after a bit of a hiatus over the Festive Period. Now we're back through we have some work to catch up on so we've looked back through the Hobby & Painting Forum for some of your work to show off and we've got nine awesome people to Kickstarter 2018 for you.

All of these projects have got us pumped to do something ourselves too so watch this space as I'm sure we'll be painting away soon as well.

Gloomhaven Mindthief by aurorainbag

We kick things off with a character from the now top game on Board Game Geek. Here we have the Mindthief character from Gloomhaven!

Gloomhaven Mindthief #1 by aurorainbag

The model quality for this particular piece wasn't completely awesome according to aurorainbag but I reckon she's done a fantastic job bringing this model to life, especially with the glow effect to the eyes and the work on the scenic base too.

There's a bit of a rundown of the different stages to this paint job on the link above but I think you'll agree that this Mindthief passes muster as a cool character hero for the game.

Gloomhaven Mindthief #2 by aurorainbag

Working up from grey and white is certainly becoming my new favourite thing as it gives you a little more chance to play around with lighter colours without them getting drowned by black. An awesome model to kick things off I reckon.

Sturmbannführer Jurgen by georgesealey

Next up we have a returning hobbyist from the end of 2017. georgesealey has been tinkering away on loads more Wolsung and here we have his take on Jurgen from the Ven Rier.

Sturmbannführer Jurgen #1 by georgesealey

Once again I think we're getting to see how you can get a great looking scheme using some good spot colours and then muting it down somewhat to allow for an almost sepia look to the models. It works really well when you think about the setting of Wolsung and that Steampunk vibe.

Sturmbannführer Jurgen #2 by georgesealey

I like the addition of the dirt around the lower half of the model, natural of course considering how dead this fellow is (or undead I suppose?). A great new model to help build on the Ven Rier for games of Wolsung in 2018.

Arkanaut Ironclad by brydeemer

Next, we're moving on this massive model from the Kharadron Overlord force in Age Of Sigmar. Here is one of their Ironclad's which has been painted and based by brydeemer.

Kharadron Ironclad #1 by brydeemer

As you can see brydeemer has put a lot of thought and effort into painting up this piece, working on some rather stunning metallic sections as well as that deep maroon as a nice contrast. You then see the superb base which shows off some deep sea creature looking to drag the Ironclad into the depths!

Kharadron Ironclad #2 by brydeemer

Some of the elements of this base were also 3D printed so they could be used on the model and its base; a pretty neat use of both traditional kits and something new too. The water itself looks stunning and the effect created by the spray splashing up around the tentacle is top notch.

Shadespire Stormcast by gumbafish

Sticking with the world of Age Of Sigmar it would be hard to ignore this set of Stormcast Eternal from the Shadespire game by gumbafish. So much effort has been put into these characters to make them pop right out of the screen.

Shadespire Stormcast #1 by gumbafish

The work on the skin tones is great for the leader here as well as the subtle shading and shadows across the armour to create a very realistic looking model. The bone coloured helmets also work as a nice spot colour which stands out from the rest of the scheme.

Shadespire Stormcast #2 by gumbafish

You can see the same thing here when you look at the second member of the warband. The scratched and battered armour is also a nice touch and adds a sense of narrative to the model. Considering this character likes to get stuck into the middle of combat and lay waste with that hammer it's very appropriate.

Goliath Ganger by dunham99

Next up we're looking at this test model from dunham99 who is going to be working through the Goliath Gang for Necromunda and the new Underhive boxed game.

Goliath Ganger #1 by dunham99

I think the yellow and the blue is a nice striking take on the models and will work really well in the slightly barmy world of Necromunda where everyone is decidedly over-the-top. It has a sense of grunge and retro about it.

Goliath Ganger #2 by dunham99

Hopefully, dunham99 continues to work on this scheme for the rest of the models in the gang. It will look superb when they are banded together with a common cause! The choices of colours also means that picking out lots of the details on the model is easy and can be done with darker colours as a good contrast.

Lord of the Rings Khandish by brushstroke

The next series of models are here pretty much because I have a Middle-earth addiction at the moment, and I also love what has been done to these Khandish Riders by brushstroke.

LotR Khandish Horsemen by brushstroke

They come from a rather far-flung part of Middle-earth and many won't have heard of the Khandish but they make for a fantastic looking force on the tabletop and are exceptionally colourful too as you can see.

You'd be forgiven for thinking they were good guys too but alas they fight on the side of Evil and may well be led by the likes of Khamul The Easterling here.

LotR Khamul The Easterling by brushstroke

Again, another amazing paint job and it shows what can be done when you're faced with a lot of black. The subtle highlighting in grey and blue really works and then is set apart by the deep red and gold underneath the black cloak.

This has got me really wanting to paint up a Battle Company for their new book that came out just before Christmas. The real question is, Gondorian or Rohan?

Lord Of Contagion by tchrin

We're now back with Warhammer 40.000 and maybe some more inspiration for Justin as we take a look at this Lord Of Contagion.

Lord of Contagion #1 by tchrin

Now that is some fantastic work bringing this model to life. Not only do we have some great rusty looking metallics but the work across all of the detail work is top notch from the wrapping around the haft of the axe up to the different aspects of the icon that hangs above his shoulders.

Lord of Contagion #2 by tchrin

The deep red of the cloak is also worth taking in for a second and this certainly brings up the old adage that models sometimes look even more awesome when viewed from behind. That is quite a terrifying silhouette.

Something that should be noted is also the sticky guts of the model that you can't quite see behind the axe in these photos. If you follow the link through above to the forum page you'll see some good ichor and slime dripping down from his gut, wonderfully Nurgle.

United States Marine by suetoniuspaullinus

We've got to bring in some Historical to proceedings and that's where we look at some World War II offerings with this United States Marine.

United States Marine by suetoniuspaullinus

While just a small project I couldn't help but show this one off thanks to the subtle way that suetoniuspaullinus approaches everything he paints. There is a realism and a grit about whatever you see from him and you couldn't almost imagine him being part of an old photograph, rushing across open ground to get into cover.

As always this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to work from suetoniuspaullinus and I reckon we're going to be seeing more and more of his projects over the coming months.

Union Team by lawnor

Last but certainly not least we have a Union Team painted up by lawnor. See what you make of these colourful individuals ready to head out to play some Guild Ball.

Union Team #1 by lawnor

Here are three of the crew but you can go and see more of his work on the link above. I really liked these because I think they hit the cartoon nail on the head and this unique feel that Guild Ball have. All the characters are larger than life and so I like it when the paint jobs reflect that.

Union Team #2 by lawnor

You're also certainly not going to miss these folks on the tabletop, clad as they are in their purple and red/orange. It works nicely against the darker basing material too which is a good shout. Using the primary colours of the Union is great, but then there's been a bit of a spin put on the tone overall which I like.

Union Team #3 by lawnor

I also have to commend lawnor for being brave enough to give the eyes a go as well as that's something I have yet to even contemplate giving a go!

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