Community Spotlight: Cool Khador, Vikings & Bloodthirsty Khorne Bloodbound

October 13, 2017 by brennon

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Come and check out some more awesome painting by our community members, some veterans and others new to our hallowed ranks of awesomeness.

As always, make sure to share your work in our Hobby & Painting Forum and you could be in with the chance of winning a Golden Button for your excellence.

Classic Citadel Norse by piers

Appealing to everything that's awesome in my humble opinion we got a look at some great looking models painted up by piers with these Citadel Norse.

1980s Citadel Norse #1 by piers

Here you can see some noble fellows armed and armoured with the raiments of their house. I love the chap in the centre with the beard and the more closed off helm. Of course when a Viking has gone a'raidin' then maybe he'd be a bit more bejewelled like the chap in red.

1980s Citadel Norse #2 by piers

The scheme is a great one as it draws on the benefits of some of these older sculpts and plays to their strengths with the larger painting surface area. However, that doesn't mean we're getting gaudy colours here as things have been done in a very realistic way.

1980s Citadel Norse #3 by piers

I've no idea exactly who the fellow on the far left of the first image is, however. One assumes he is one of those mystic folks who have the ear of the Warlord when it comes to matters of the Gods and more.

I think you'll agree that piers had done a sterling job and it would be fantastic to see some more of the awesome work you folks do on more old school models like these.

Khorne Bloodbound by dugthefug1644

I've been keeping an eye on the work of dugthefug1644, our next entrant into this Golden Button awards, for a while now. He has been doing some utterly fantastic things with his Age of Sigmar models and it comes to a head with these fantastic Khorne Bloodbound that he has finished up.

Khorne Bloodbound #1 by dugthefug1644

The Bloodbound are some of the best models from the Khorne offerings that came out early in the life of Age Of Sigmar and as a painting opportunity, they are fantastic. You get to play around with some great metallics as well as work on flesh tones and of course gallons of blood too.

Khorne Bloodbound #2 by dugthefug1644

I like what dugthedug1644 has been doing with the flesh tones here and he's managed to keep the muscle definition looking great across the different models. I always suck at that part of painting and why I went for deep red skin for my Bloodbound instead so I could avoid painting actual skin!

As you can see the scheme has worked really well across the rest of the unit as well where he's done for some variants in the skin tone too to mix things up. Afterall, there are plenty of people willing to give themselves over to the Blood God.

Khorne Bloodbound #3 by dugthefug1644

Congratulations to dugthefug1644 on not going over the top when it comes to the blood with these models either. A little bit of the Citadel blood effect on the weapons and such was all the gore that you needed I think.

I look forward to seeing more from dugthefug1644 over the coming months as his Age of Sigmar collection grows. Make sure to have a look for his Stormcast Eternal too as it's looking great with some nice weathering on the metallic parts.

Khador Warjacks by gumbafish

Last but not least I mentioned a newcomer to the website. Here we have the amazing Khador Warjacks that have been painted up by the very talented gumbafish.

Khador #1 by gumbafish

As a long time lurker and now a full forum member I'd say that this is a great start to your time here on Beasts Of War gumbafish! The work that has gone into that nice ice blue and white Khador scheme is impressive and it's made all the better by the amount of battle damage you have managed to work onto the plating.

Khador #2 by gumbafish

The core of what 'is' Warmachine to me has always been Warjacks and they are, for the most part, the best thing about the game. I love these big hulking robots with a little mind of their own going to town on each other and smashing things to bits. It's much cooler than the troops you get in the game!

Then, you get Warjacks like this fellow...

Khador #3 by gumbafish

I think you'd be happy with this particular Colossal on your side. Again we're seeing some amazing work going into the metal and the blue armour plating. That is then offset by the bright white and the glowing interior of the helmet as a nice highlight.

Also, remember last week we thought that the base rims were done well. Well, here's another example of that with the faded blue marking the front of the base rather than anything stark. Hot stuff!

You Were Only Supposed To Blow Me Bloody Socks Off!

Every week we’re absolutely blown away by the incredible topics that are put into the Hobby & Painting Forum, it’s getting more difficult to choose Community Spotlights! We love your work and we hope to see a lot more of it in the future!

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What do you think of the entries this week?

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