Community Spotlight: Dog Soldiers, Sci-Fi Shamblers & Gondor On Parade

October 14, 2016 by crew

It's Friday which means we're checking out some more of your amazing work in the Hobby & Painting Forum. We have some doozies for you this week including an amazing Armies On Parade board!

Without further ado let's dive in!

Dog Warrior (Human & Wolf Form) by rekky

Leading the way we're looking to the world of Infinity first. Ariadna is a firm fan favourite and everyone gets drawn to their rather epic Werewolves or Dog Warriors. We'll here's one of them in both his Human Form and his Dog Form by the talented rekky!

Dog Warrior (Human Form) #2 by rekky

We're kind of cheating here and taking a look at multiple models but we do that a lot! The work on the muscles and the skin tone in general, looks fantastic and it gives the model a bit of warmth even though it's set within such snowy climes!

Dog Warrior (Human Form) #1 by rekky

The work on the camouflage pattern is also something that we couldn't get enough of. dawfydd in the forums also held the same opinion as us; basically, that's camouflage to be envious of.

It gets even better when we move onto the big Dog-Warrior version who is a snarling mass of fur and claws!

Dog Warrior (Dog Form) #1 by rekky

Once again we're seeing a good use of contrast to make the model look good within this snowy scene. I really like snow and ice on bases anyway so it's neat to see someone go that extra mile with the base.

Dog Warrior (Dog Form) #2 by rekky

Musculature is once again shown off wonderfully here thanks to rekky's skill with a brush. I like the subtle way they hair and fur has been done too to make it stand out but not look divorced from the rest of the model.

We're big fans of his Ariadna scheme and you can see a few more of his models on the link above too.

Zombie Trooper by malevolentmc

On a somewhat smaller scale we look to the work of malevolentmc next, still within the realm of Sci-Fi. here we have a Trooper who appears to have come a cropper of something nasty and he's been risen from the dead!

Zombie Trooper #1 by malevolentmc

The key word of this particular installment of the series appears to be 'contrast' as once again we're seeing a nice balance between the gore and the bright 'High Sci-Fi' outfit that he's wearing.

Zombie Trooper (Multiple Angles) by malevolentmc

It might be, in essence, quite a simple looking miniature but I think the work that's gone into the piece elevates it into something of a showcase piece. The bullet wounds are a nice touch, especially when you notice the ones that have bounced and scattered off of his armour.

A thumbs up from us on this one malevolentmc or at least a sickly dead one!

Gondor Armies On Parade by brushstroke

We've talked about brushstroke's work on his Gondor army before but it's finally time to see the fruits of his labours with this marvellous Armies On Parade board featuring his contingent of Knights sallying forth to take on the forces of Mordor.

Gondor Armies On Parade by brushstroke

When you see an army given that extra bit of life with a diorama piece like this it makes you appreciate it all the more I think. Of course, the models themselves are splendidly well painted, as you can see below...

Gondor Armies On Parade (Close #1) by brushstroke

...but the board itself deserves a bit of attention too. The grassy frontage of the castle has been done incredibly well to make it look natural and I think the tree works as a nice piece of framing. The castle itself is dominating and dangerous but also feels somewhat inviting too!

Gondor Armies On Parade (Close #2) by brushstroke

You can see a few more angles on this castle and the board in full over on the forum post linked above. Generally, though we think the finish on this is pretty wonderful and we'd love to see it go far!

As always let us know what you think of the entries that got Golden Buttons this week and dive into the Hobby & Painting Forum yourself to share your own work.

We love seeing what you've been up to and can't wait to see what else you have to show us. Most of all, keep painting and enjoying your hobby!

Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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"We love seeing what you've been up to and can't wait to see what else you have to show us. Most of all, keep painting and enjoying your hobby!"

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