Community Spotlight: Epic Gods, Rumbling Tanks & A Warrior Nation

February 2, 2018 by crew

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It's Community Spotlight time once again as we look towards the Hobby & Painting Forum and see what you've been working on over the past few weeks.

We always love seeing what you've been tinkering away on so make sure to share your work too and maybe you'll get yourself a Golden Button!

Mythic Battles by baronvonuppercase

We start with some work from baronvonuppercase as he shows off his work on one of the Gods and Monsters from Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Since we're going a bit wild for it at the moment it made sense to drop this into the mix. Here we have his work on Zeus.

Mythic Battles #1 by baronvonuppercase

It's great to see someone working on the model and representing him as a physical being on the tabletop - rather than a statue or something of that ilk. That is, of course, totally fine, but there's something to be said for a scheme like this. The work on the very bright white is stunning and works really nicely against the bronze as a contrast.

Add to that the awesome muscle definition work and the crackling lightning in his hand and you've got a wonderful miniature for the tabletop.

Standing next to Zeus we also have this lady, Medusa the Gorgon.

Mythic Battles #2 by baronvonuppercase

Once again we're seeing a stunning scheme brought to life here with the subtle colouring of the yellow scales worked against the green. This is then carried over into her writhing hair and the pale skin that seems like just the right look for Medusa I think.

If this continues I think that baronvonuppercase is going to have a wonderful collection of models with which to play Mythic Battles: Pantheon, creating a cinematic experience on the tabletop.

M5 Stuart Light Tank by foehammer888

Next, we move onto some Historical work with foehammer888 as he paints up this awesome M5 Stuart Light Tank for his US forces on the tabletop.

M5 Stuart Light Tank #1 by foehammer888

Without me saying anything I think you'd agree that we've got a superb scheme going on here. The way the colour has gone down on this tank looks great as if it has been ripped from the pages of one of those Pulp comic books.

The model is actually part of his growing Konflikt '47 force as well and you can check out more of his work on the link above where he has been showcasing much of his collection. Before that though, check out this work on the other side of the tank.

M5 Stuart Light Tank #2 by foehammer888

It's neat to see some subtle detail work like this which allows you to add a dose of character to what otherwise would be a generic tank. The pin-up girl on the turret is great and I love the idea that when playing you'd be encouraged to call out the kills that 'Red Devil' gets as it goes about its grim work against the enemy.

Warrior Nation by hazyboy75

Last but not least we turn our attention to the work of hazyboy75 who has finished painting up his Warrior Nation Starter for Wild West Exodus.

Warrior Nation #1 by hazyboy75

We don't normally get to see people's work on this range so it was awesome to see this pop up on the forums. As well as being a great scheme that really brings across the look and feel of the Warrior Nation; it's also my favourite faction from the game!

Warrior Nation #2 by hazyboy75

You can get a closer look at his work on the link above but as you can see he's worked very well with lots of pale colours and browns to create these models, and the scheme works exceptionally well. It can sometimes be hard to get a scheme that uses so many similar colours to work, but hazyboy75 has hit the nail on the head with this one.

Show Us Your Work!

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