Community Spotlight: Flesh Tearers, Shieldmaidens & Retro Eldar

August 4, 2017 by crew

We're back with more from our Hobby & Painting Forum as we show off some wonderful projects that might inspire you.

Make sure to show off more of your work in the forum too by starting a topic and engaging with the community. We'd love to see your work.

Flesh Tearer Primaris Leuitenent by grendelnz

We're kicking things off as we delve into some more from the world of Warhammer 40,000 and see what grendelnz has been doing with his Primaris Space Marines. Here you can see a great conversion piece for the Flesh Tearers Chapter.

Flesh Tearer Primaris Marine #1 by grendelnz

Using a selection of different Blood Angels parts and plenty of other accessories raided from the bitz box we've got a very characterful looking model which shows off what you can do with these models when you take some time to add some customisation into the mix.

Flesh Tearer Primaris Marine #2 by grendelnz

We like the little bits here and there which take the model to the next level like the chalice embossed on the cover for his bolt pistol and the alternative crest in the centre of his breastplate. Overal it's a great model which really portrays the dark yet Gothic style of the Flesh Tearers.

Shieldmaidens by nightrunner

Next up we're heading to the Dark Age and picking out some fantastic Shieldmaidens that have been painted up, and in some cases actually sculpted, by nightrunner.

Vikings #1 by nightrunner

The latest contingent to join the army included these Shieldmaidens and as you'll see below not only has nightrunner been busy painting up some fantastic pieces but he actually sculpted a lot of the clothing, weapons and armour too.

Vikings #3 by nightrunner

You can see more of what nightrunner has been up to when you head over to the forum topic linked above. It's great to see someone taking things to the next level, and much like with grendelnz's work, adding their own personal touch to a project meaning that it looks different from everything else out there.

Vikings #2 by nightrunner

Hopefully, we'll get a look at plenty more from nightrunner over the coming weeks and months as he has mentioned stepping into the realm of the Normans next!

Retro Eldar by agis

Last but not least we're looking back to some more work from agis who has been doing a bit of touching up on his Retro Eldar from past editions of Warhammer 40,000 in order to use them in 8th.

Retro Eldar #1 by Agis

agis has been posting quite a lot of images of this project, showing off a range of different infantry units, as well as some vehicles and characters to each with a very awesome retro colour scheme that takes us back to the old days!

Retro Eldar #2 by Agis

Retro Eldar #3 by Agis

It's awesome to see some of the old Aspect Warriors making it into the mix like the Howling Banshees above. Not much has really changed for some of the units in actuality and they stand up quite nicely, especially with a bit of a modern take and some updated brushwork.

Retro Eldar #4 by Agis

This is also back in the day of everyone having paper banners on things as you'll see above.We reckon that that Wraith Lord might end up getting a bit envious of his taller and heftier brothers if he were to run into them on the battlefield today.

It's always nice to look back at models from the past and thank the Gods we've gone past the point of everyone having goblin green bases!

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