Community Spotlight: Historic Holland, Superheroes & Villains + A Samurai Clan

September 1, 2017 by crew

We take a look at some more of your epic hobby this week and give out some more delicious golden buttons. They're not chocolate I'm afraid but, they are filled with kudos and goodness!

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Historic Holland by piers

First up we're taking a look at what's happening in World War II and Historic Holland thanks to the work of piers. Now, this is a fantastic tabletop showing off a superb recreation of Europe during the period and perfect for some close quarters fighting.

Historic Holland #1 by piers

While we've mentioned above that the tabletop can represent Holland it is meant to be generic enough to cover most European landscapes during the period.

Historical Holland #2 by piers

It breaks down into tiles which can be assembled to create a 6x4 or an 8x4 landscape and the terrain itself, for the most part, drops on - meaning you could quite easily store this too.

Historic Holland #3 by piers

The way that this table has been put together is fantastic and the attention to detail in the gardens, around the streets and into the fields is superb. The difference in flock and texture for the grass also feels very natural and of course, there's plenty of mud!

Now, of course, we need to know what kind of scenarios are going to be played out on this table!

DC Heroes & Villains by mage

With the Batman Miniatures Game getting a revamp soon it seems like mage has been inspired to paint up some of the miniatures from the DC universe. Picking out a couple of them from his thread we start with Batman, themed after the version from Batman Vs Superman.

BvS Batman by mage

Going for some ace dark greys and black for Batman is the way to go if you want to make him look intimidating. As it's based on the movie version the scheme is rather fitting. Of course growing up during the 90's there's occasion to like the lighter grey and blue of the cartoon version!

Next up we have the Gotham Butcher who is part of the Court Of Owls. The bodysuit for this particular model looks great and when mixed with that dark bronze combines together to create a fearsome scheme.

Gotham Butcher by mage

The bronze work, in particular, is something we wanted to highlight here as it really makes the miniature pop. There's a realism to the metal which works nicely against the exaggerated features of the Butcher.

Last but not least we have someone away from Batman's main sphere with Deadshot.

Classic Deadshot by mage

Done in the classic scheme rather than what you might have seen from Suicide Squad we think mage has captured the look of this antihero quite well. The details a bit more muted on this figure however and maybe it could do with another level of highlighting to bring it to life.

Either way, it's nice to see more of a focus on these individual models that allow people to focus their attention and look beyond the tabletop standard for units or rank and file.

Okubo Clan by alfonsothetraitor

Last but not least we return to the world of historical gaming and Test Of Honour. Here we have alfonsothetraitor's work on his Okubo Clan army sporting some wonderful bright colours.

Okubo Clan #1 by alfonsothetraitor

The first thing that struck us when we saw this was the wonderful use of banners to denote the different units. Over on the thread above you can get a closer look at what they all mean but it's a beautiful way to present the miniatures.

Okubo Clan #2 by alfonsothetraitor

The scheme as a whole is also really nice featuring some bright blue and yellow across the board and a more muted landscape to help make them pop. It's nice to see more of these Samurai armies coming to life and maybe it will spur Lloyd on to make his own army finally!

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