Community Spotlight: Iberian Riders, Grimdark Guardsmen & A Magical Steed

December 15, 2017 by brennon

Come and join us for another bunch of awesomeness in the shape of the Community Spotlight from the Hobby & Painting Forum.

We've got some new hands this time around as well as some veterans of the forums so make sure to comment below and let folks know what you think of their work.

Iberian Cavalry by janus1004

First up we're getting in our bit of the Ancient world as we look at the work of janus1004 who does some epic stuff when it comes to models from this period. Here we have his Iberian Cavalry charging forth.

Iberian Cavalry #1 by janus1004

It's nice to see the more muted and realistic colours on the models giving them the look of rough riders who are always on the move. The work on the highlighting across their tunics and the spots of colour on their helmets really makes them pop as well.

Iberian Cavalry #2 by janus1004

Some great work has gone into the horses as well giving them a little bit of personality with their varying colours too. Overall it's a great piece which comes together nicely into this regiment and the basing works well with the models as a whole. It was a nice touch to have them sitting into this larger base for gameplay purposes and it also frames the models well too when on display.

Astra Militarum Guardsmen by reaperfcrew

Next up we're checking out the work of a new poster in the Hobby & Painting section with some of his work. The main focus for us was on this awesome looking Astra Militarum unit that he painted up on this nice display base.

Imperial Guard Squad by reaperfcrew

The work is neat and highly detailed, drawing out some of the finer parts of these models. I think they look great matched against their dark bases and the facial details are one of the things that stands out as well.

It's not often that you get to say that the humble Cadian looks cool but I think that reaperfcrew has done a grand job here bringing them to life. Once again that extra step of doing some highlighting and working with the shaded areas on the model makes all the difference.

In addition, I thought I'd also show off his Red Templar Space Marine that he also painted up which you can see HERE.

Red Templar Space Marine by reaperfcrew

Again, fantastic work on the finer details of the model from the scripture on the front ot eh model to the way the banner has come together. Those rich, deep folds in the material look awesome and make it look very realistic.

Unicorn by amachan

Last but not least we have amachan and her work which can be seen in the forum thread linked above. Of all of her work, I wanted to particularly show off this ace Unicorn.

Unicorn #1 by amachan

Pulled from the WizKids Unpainted line-up I think this is a fantastic bit of painting, working with one of the trickiest colours out there. The way the muscle definition has been preserved in the steed is awesome.

Unicorn #2 by amachan

The dappled work around the muzzle of the Unicorn looks great and helps break things up a bit more, and works alongside the other touchstones of black with the hooves. You can also see how the colour of the model has been built up when you see the darker cream colour on the rear of the model.

Unicorn #3 by amachan

A nod has to go to the basing on the model too which certainly drops it into the realms of Fantasy and Fairy Tale. A lot of work and effort has gone into this model and it has paid off. Make sure to check out more of her work on the link above too including some Burrows & Badgers!

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