Community Spotlight: Infinity Operatives, Fabled Orcs & Hive Gangers

March 2, 2018 by brennon

We're back after a great Fabled Realms Beta Weekend to show off some of the painting you guys got into over the last week or so. Make sure to check out what we picked out from the Hobby & Painting Forum this time around.

We've got some great looking pieces to show off from a range of different games...

Cube Jager by wildchevy

First of all, we're looking at the work of wildchevy. This here is the Cube Jager from the world of Infinity which looks awesome; painted up like a proper anime-style hero.

Cube Jager #1 by wildchevy

As well as working through techniques that had been learned concerning non-metallic metals, wildchevy also had a go at some serious blending techniques too. I would say that this fellow has come out very nicely indeed, especially when you see the clash between the bright orange and the dark camouflage underneath.

Cube Jager #2 by wildchevy

wildchevy has been doing some awesome work on miniatures over the past few years, and this shows off just how far he has come since kicking things off here on Beasts Of War. The little details really stand out, something which you need to concentrate on when you're looking at painting up the miniatures from the world of Infinity.

The base also works very nicely too, providing you with a cool alternative to the outdoor battlefields you're normally playing on.

Fabled Realms Orc by noyjatat

Considering we had a Fabled Realms Beta Weekend a few days ago, I thought it apt to draw attention to one of the awesome schemes that came out of the three days. Here is this awesome Orc, painted up by noyjatat.

Fabled Realms Orc #1 by noyjatat

There were loads of awesome models painted up over the weekend but this one certainly caught my eye, shown here standing beside the Witch's Hut that we had set up on one of the Summer tables. The work on the dark metal and Orc skin really stuck out to me.

Fabled Realms Orc #2 by noyjatat

You can see more of the detail on the back of the figure above. I think this shows off some great skill, the basing working very well as a frame to the model. The notched sword damage has come out well too, and the scar across the Orcs face.

I can't wait to see what noyjatat does with his Goblins and more going forward...

Necromunda Gang Leader by irishsteve

We also look towards the world of Necromunda once again and see how irishsteve did painting up this awesome model for his Hive Gang. This is The Morrigan for his gang, The Sullen Banshees.

Necromunda Ganger #1 by irishsteve

The model is looking exceptionally awesome, especially the work that has gone into the metals here and that ice-blue hair. I LOVE the hair, in particular, bringing forth a seriously punk edge to the model. The subtle colour choices also work very well and tend to relate back to the artwork we've seen for Necromunda and Warhammer 40,000 in the past.

The level of quality goes up once again when you see the work on the coat which hands from her back.

Necromunda Ganger #2 by irishsteve

You can imagine her having a significant amount of swagger as she makes her way through the Underhive. A very cool model with a paint scheme that really makes me want to get stuck into Necromunda and paint up one of these gangs.

What Are You Painting Right Now?

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