Community Spotlight: Iron Warriors, An Undead Lich & Frostgrave Terrain

April 7, 2017 by crew

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Welcome to another round of Community Spotlight picks from our Hobby & Painting Forum as we look at what we've been playing and tinkering around with on our workbenches over the past week.

Let's dive in and check out the different pieces that caught our eye...

Iron Warriors by vitor

Spurred on perhaps by our dive into the world of the Horus Heresy on 40k Charted vitor has been painting up some of the Iron Warriors from the era based on the models that were available in Betrayal At Calth.

Iron Warriors #1 by vitor

Here you can see one of the squads that has come together rather nicely indeed with a few tweaks here and there to give them their own personality.

Iron Warriors #2 by vitor

He has tried to convey a sense of strength and resoluteness to their armour and design which comes across nicely in the painting style he's gone for. The armour looks well cared for as if each Battle-Brother knows that it is a part of him on the battlefield. The metallics look fantastic and while a dull scheme overall (in terms of colour) it is very striking.

Mix this in with the simple but effective basing effect he has gone for here too using the mud and dirt across the bottoms of the legs, and you have a unit of warriors to be proud of.

D&D Lich by lightsout1985

We follow up on these grim warriors with a terrifying foe for your friends to face in a dungeon. Here we have a Lich by lightsout1985 and it's been fantastic following his progress in bringing this fellow to life.

Lich #1 by lightsout1985

The model has a classically retro feel to it and I think the paint scheme reflects that, but with a few modern twists here and there. The cloak design is great and the effect that has gone into his gaunt pale skin really sets the model apart.

Lich #2 by lightsout1985

Hats off also to lightsout1985 for doing some great highlighting and shading across the model as well as a neat base which helps to frame the model nicely.

If you're interested in seeing more of his work you can follow his thread to find out how other monsters come to life, including a Beholder, and what plans are afoot for his D&D group.

Frostgrave Terrain by richbuilds

Lured by the temptation of Frostgrave (and who wouldn't be) richbuilds on the forums has been building some fantastic looking terrain that he can use for the game. We were immediately blown away by the amazing look of this Crypt...

Frostgrave Terrain #1 by richbuilds

...and the Ruined Bridge that you see here too.

Frostgrave Terrain #2 by richbuilds

All of the projects that richbuilds works on are made using a combination of foam and balsa. He has some fascinating things in the pipeline too showing off just what you can achieve with a little time and patience (and a good dose of skill) including this Ruined Dockyard.

Frostgrave Terrain #4 by richbuilds

...and some fascinating interiors for a number of different buildings.

Frostgrave Terrain #3 by richbuilds

He has gone into exceptional detail on most of his pieces here as you can see showing off care and attention to even add the knobs to the drawers there! His forum thread is a real joy to read and if you want to ask him some questions he seems happy to answer them.

It's always fascinating seeing what people do when it comes to tabletop terrain and this is a true hobby in of itself!

Show Us Your Stuff!

We’ve been blown away by the work from the community once again and would love to see your work in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

All you have to do is head over to the forum linked above and start your own topic to start posting your work. It’s simple to upload photos of your work-in-progress and finished projects and we like seeing the process unfold.

We also don’t mind if you’re a newcomer to painting or a veteran. Everything you folks do inspires us to keep at it with our hobby and we have a wonderful community who like to get involved and share techniques.

What do you think of our entries to the hall of fame this week?

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