Community Spotlight: Mighty Elementals, Ancient Skirmishers & A Snarling Helbrute

June 16, 2017 by crew

Come and join us for another round of fantastic work from our community in the Hobby & Painting Forum. This week we're delving into the What Are You Painting Now? thread to check out some of the projects from the last week or so.

Remember that you can make your own forum thread and start your project very easily and we love seeing what you're working on!

Reaper Elementals by maledrakh

We start off with some amazing Elementals from the Reaper Bones collection that have been painted up by maledrakh. Like us, he was inspired by their fantastic poses as they look threatening and dangerous!

Fire Elemental by maledrakh

Each of them has come together fantastically and shows off what you can achieve with schemes which effectively involve a lot of the same colours. For example, the Fire Elemental above looks dangerous and violent and we particularly like the hot coals as eyes within its face.

It's quite hard to give what is effectively something natural a personality but I think that maledrakh has achieved this. I particularly like the way he's captured the depth and turmoil of the Water Elemental here with the darker colours mixed with flecks of white.

Water Elemental by maledrakh

This continues across all of the different models and if you're interested in following the techniques on show here, maledrakh has put them into the forum post.

Earth Elemental by maledrakh

As a lover of drybrushing and working out textures using this technique Ben think the Earth Elemental, in particular, looks great. It works nicely with the base too which offsets the one colour of the rock and softens it.

Last but not least we have this impressive Wood Elemental or Spirit of the Forest.

Spirit Of The Forest by maledrakh

Some fantastic monsters for an army or to face off against in an adventure on the tabletop. We're loving each of these and we recommend diving back into that post to find out more about the techniques at play here.

Roman Velites by janus1004

Heading back in History next we see what janus1004 has been up to as he finished off these Roman Velites from Hobby Night Live.

Roman Velites by janus1004

These skirmishers have come off nicely with a muted red scheme inspired by some of the work by suetoniuspaullinus in the forums. They have a nice look to them, realistic and fitting for the period.

It's hard to argue with the classic red scheme for your Roman army although I always thought it would be neat to go a little different and bring blues and greens into the mix like you see in Rome: Total War.

Alpha Legion Helbrute by andre77

Last but not least, and somewhat inspired by Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition it seems we have this vibrant and chaotic looking Helbrute for the Alpha Legion by andre77.

Alpha Legion Helbrute by andre77 #1

This broiling mix of muscle, technology and downright fury is a great looking miniature that uses a relatively simple scheme to get across a great look. It very much echoes the colours of the Alpha Legion but in a wild way.

Alpha Legion Helbrute by andre77 #2

It has an almost alien feel to it when you look at it from the rear. The one thing I maybe would have suggested with this would be to not have the pale green base framing the most as I think it gets a little lost. Potentially a darker base would have worked better for this model.

But, despite that, I think they've really knocked it out of the park with this model and it would be fun to see how the rest of the Alpha Legion army is turning out.

Show Us Your Stuff!

We’ve been blown away by the work from the community once again and would love to see your work in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

All you have to do is head over to the forum linked above and start your own topic to start posting your work. It’s simple to upload photos of your work-in-progress and finished projects and we like seeing the process unfold.

We also don’t mind if you’re a newcomer to painting or a veteran. Everything you folks do inspires us to keep at it with our hobby and we have a wonderful community who like to get involved and share techniques.

What do you think of our entries to the hall of fame this week?

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