Community Spotlight: Painting Picks – Sci-Fi Warriors, Shambling Undead & A Monstrous Beast!

August 26, 2016 by brennon

It's been quite the amazing week for us here at Beasts Of War as we've seen some brilliant examples of your painted miniatures popping up in the Hobby & Painting Forum. With that in mind let's take a look at what caught our eye this week...


Undead by dogma2097

First up we have these brilliant Undead miniatures by dogma2097 which look like a great skirmish force led by a deadly 'Horned One' as he has called their leader.

Skeletons  #1 by dogma2097

He hasn't just been working on Skeletons however but the Mantic Games range certainly looks good when it has been painted up with such skill.

Skeletons #2 by dogma2097

As I mentioned above he has also been working on some other Undead creatures too as he picked up some of the Zombies from Mantic Games too.

Skeletons #3 by dogma2097

This is a great looking paint job once again and dogma2097 has put together a nice scheme which looks dead, rotting, decayed and most of all fearsome.


Fallen Frontiers by doctorether

Leaving Fantasy behind for a while we're looking at the Fallen Frontier miniatures which just made their way to backers of the Kickstarter. Here we have some of doctorether's amazing work on the ARES characters...

Fallen Frontiers #1 by doctorether

...and their loyal soldiers too.

Fallen Frontiers #2 by doctorether

The green and gold is looking great and with the muted tones across the miniatures it gives them a comic book feel which I like.

He's also been working on one of the Riff characters, Sihlas Fenn, who looks brilliant. I reckon if I picked up this set I'd have to grab this faction for my own.

Fallen Frontiers #3 by doctorether

I think this miniature range is going to be fantastic as it grows. Each of the factions are soon going to be available which means we'll see a lot more of them popping up in our forums hopefully.


Deathwatch by irishsteve

Lastly for the painted section of our forum visit we're checking out some of the Deathwatch Space Marines from the Overkill game within the world of Warhammer 40,000.

Deathwatch #1 by irishsteve

As I've mentioned before Deathwatch Space Marines are some of the best miniatures to paint within the Space Marine line-up by virtue of the different Chapters they come from and the more personalised armour you get to play around with.

Deathwatch #2 by irishsteve

irishsteve has been tinkering away on his collection with some great scenic bases and loads of effort put into bringing out the detail from each of these characters. Antor Delassio looks fantastic and I don't normally like Blood Angel characters.

Deathwatch #3 by irishsteve

I really like the extra effort that has also gone into showing off these characters. The cool sayings from the Space Marines speak to their way of fighting.


Infernal Golem by deaddave

Away from the painting awesomeness we've seen here today there's also some fantastic conversion work going on too. See what you think of this creation by deaddave.

Minotaur by deaddave

As you can imagine this is a fantastic beast shaped to fight alongside the rest of his creations battling as the Minotaurs.

Minotaur (Alt) by deaddave

Now that is a massive mess of machinery and awesomeness that we can't wait to see painted up. deaddave has shown off that he's been tinkering with the undercoating so hopefully it won't be long before we get to see more progress pictures.

Don't forget to get your own work into the Hobby & Painting Forum as we love seeing what you've been working on.

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What have you been painting this week?

"Deathwatch Space Marines are some of the best miniatures to paint within the Space Marine line-up by virtue of the different Chapters they come from..."

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