Community Spotlight: Roman Gangs, Ranging Dwarves & Star Wars Icons

February 9, 2018 by brennon

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It's time to dive back into Community Spotlight for this week as we check out what you've been doing in the Hobby & Painting Forum over the last week or so...

We've got some awesome projects for you to check out that cover the spectrum of Historical, Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

Gangs Of Rome by hazard

Time to start off looking at one of our hot games for 2018 with the work by hazard on this Gangs Of Rome...err...gang? This is a picture taken before the varnish step but I thought this was a rather awesome scheme overall.

Gangs Of Rome #1 by hazard

I really like that hazard has gone for this classic red Roman look and mixed it in with a stark white. You can see them standing out on the tabletop and displaying their slightly more lofty and ambitious status amongst the commoners. There's also a lot of work that has gone into the facial details for these characters as you'll see here...

Gangs Of Rome #2 by hazard

With a small number of models like this it means that you can start to add more detail to your work, building on things that you'd maybe leave out if you were painting models for an army. You can even see the detail for the mouths and eyes here.

Gangs Of Rome #3 by hazard

This old fellow (above) in particular caught my attention as I liked the way the red robes toga has been painted as well as the shifty sideways glance that he appears to be giving. Simple details like the thin blue line around the hem of the robes also helped elevate this figure for me.

Oathmark Dwarves by subedai

Next, we move onto a subject close to my heart. Here we have some of the Oathmark Dwarves painted up by subedai as he tests out a scheme for his growing force.

Oathmark Dwarves #1 by subedai

A nice bold choice of colours is good to see once again, and I'm enjoying moving towards the lighter end of the spectrum when it comes to painting myself. The details have been kept crisp and sharp across the plastic figures and the chainmail doesn't dominate the figures like it can do sometimes.

Oathmark Dwarves #2 by subedai

The models were painted and then given a Quickshade over the top to bring out some of the highlighting and shading oppertunities on the models. I think they're looking great, although I might be a bit biased of course. I can't wait to see what the whole force is going to look like!

Star Wars: Imperial Assault by agis

We finish off this week's Community Spotlight with a look at some of the amazing work by agis. It seems like his painting might be quite apt for what's coming next week too...

Imperial Assault Miniatures #1 by agis

I wanted to bring particular attention to Bossk here, painting up alongside IG-88 and Boba Fett. The painting is absolutely stunning and you'd be so proud to have him fighting on the tabletop alongside your other miscreants. The little details really stood out to me; like the red glint of his eyes and the work across the scales.

A fearsome Wookie killer! It would be hard to ignore more of the work agis has been doing on his collection too as he also recently painted up this pair.

Imperial Assault Miniatures #2 by agis

Here we have the Jedi Davith Elso, a wise and stealthy individual, and Murne Rin the Intelligene Master. Both of them work together on covert operations, looking to undermine the Sith. I love the idea that you'd have Jedi spies, working behind the scenes and using The Force to twist things in their favour.

I also like seeing a Jedi in some proper armour too!

What Are You Painting Right Now?

Every week we’re absolutely blown away by the incredible topics that are put into the Hobby & Painting Forum, it’s getting more difficult to choose Community Spotlights! We love your work and we hope to see a lot more of it in the future!

If you fancy getting your hobby fingers out and showing off your newest paint job, terrain piece or even greatest gaming achievement, we want to know about it!

We don’t mind if you’re a newcomer to painting or a veteran of the brush, everything you do inspires us to create more and more content together!

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