Community Spotlight: Samurai, Experimental Soldiers & Tonnes Of Tanks!

October 21, 2016 by crew

We're back looking at what the community has been creating this week over on the Hobby & Painting Forum. There's some fantastic painting as always so let's take a look.

Remember that we're always looking for more awesome painting and hobby so get your projects into the forums and show them off!

Leopard 2 Tanks by oriskany

We've been going a bit mad for the world of Team Yankee recently so it's neat to see loads of tanks all in one place!

Leopard Tanks #1 by oriskany

Plenty of neat and tidy work has gone into these models and they look incredibly realistic.

Leopard Tanks #2 by oriskany

The work on the camouflageΒ pattern is great and it's a nice subtle look to. All of the 'bits' on the tank stand out nicely too across the hull, turret, and the tracks.

Leopard Tanks #3 by oriskany

While it would be very tempting to leave off the tank commander peeking out of the top for most of us we think he looks great there surveying the battlefield and looking for targets. Despite the small scale of the figure the facial details are standing out nicely too which is to be commended.

A good, clean, tidy project for the tabletop which would look amazing when arrayed next to other vehicles with some good terrain.

Samurai Archers by alfonsothetraitor

Holding their ground against the enemy alfonsothegreat has put together more of his Samurai army. Here we picked out the Samurai Archers with a very bold and interesting red colour scheme to represent Takeda.

Samurai Archers #1 by alfonsothetraitor

You can see them here hunkered down behind their defensive wall. The look of a uniform and regimented Japanese army is a sight to behold and I like all the fluttering flags giving them a sense of unity.

Samurai Archers #2 by alfonsothetraitor

While the models have been painted with a very similar tone across the model the individual components of each stand out nicely. Actually painting the faces and giving them proper detail helps bring the models to life too.

Samurai Archers #3 by alfonsothetraitor

That's far more attention to detail than most of us would go to on rank and file miniatures! Well done on making sure they didn't look crosseyed! A great unit that feels like it is made of individuals but suits the army as a whole.

Type 005 by mamx44

We're now heading over to the world of Anima Tactics and checking out the work of mamx44 which shows off some impressive techniques.

Type 005 #1 by mamx44

What stood out for us here was the way in which the darker armour pieces have been done. Once again, each of the components sticks out despite the tone with a good amount of highlighting and shading to define each area of the model.

Type 005 #2 by mamx44

This is all contrasted by the brilliantly painted purple skin which shows off muscle definition and gives the character an eerie feel. In addition, the marble effect on the base has come across nicely and gives the model an understated by complimentary landscape to occupy.

So there you have it! Quite the selection of awesome models and painting techniques this week. As always you can drop your own projects into the Hobby & Painting Forum and you might feature on the front page!

Remember that whatever you paint, however skilled you are, we love seeing your work. Whether you're just starting out or an experienced veteran get stuck in and learn with the rest of the community!

Get painting!

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