Community Spotlight: Sci-Fi Travellers, Long Dead Warriors & An Orky Flyer

February 3, 2017 by crew

You join is for another instalment of the Community Spotlight where our focus this week is firmly on that of the Sci-Fi. As always we've dipped into the Hobby & Painting Forums to select some of our favourites.

Follow along and see what you think of this crop of awesome paint jobs.

SG1 by cruciumgeiger

I would hope that most of you, being wargamers, will have at one time or another watched a few episodes of Stargate. Well, cruciumgeiger painted up the best team from the show, SG1, using the miniatures by Hasslefree.

SG1 by cruciumgeiger

From left to right you have Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samatha Carter, Teal'c and Doctor Daniel Jackson. The models look great and the paint job has captured their character nicely.

I really like the attention to detail on the hair and facial details and the extra work that has gone into making sure their army outfits don't like plain and dull. They'd stand out very well on the tabletop and now all you need is a game for them to get stuck into.

I think this might have hit the nostalgia button for me and I'll have to go back and watch some of those old episodes!

Necrons by byakhee

byakhee takes us to the realm of Warhammer 40,000 with his latest project as he shows off the work that has gone into painting up his Necrons.

Necrons #1 by byakhee

He decided to go with a different theme of contrasts between the gold and turquoise. I think it suits them really well and hints toward that Egyptian feel. The Warriors were also re-posed to make them feel a bit more dangerous.

I think the gold works really well and the red gauss weapon rods are a welcome change from the green. Even the Necron Lord has been painted slightly differently with less dirt and grime on his body, showing off his more magnificent and well looked after 'chassis'.

byakhee also worked on one of the vehicles from the Getting Started Set too and the scheme has worked nicely when used on a larger model.

Necrons #2 by byakhee

The weathering has worked well too giving it the sense of something ancient and revered and yet not immune to the ravages of time. A rather fitting portrayal of the Necrons who see themselves as immortal warriors now. The scheme is great and we'd love to see it translated over to an even larger force.

Ork Flyer by griffindell

Last but not least we have another Warhammer 40,000 project from griffindell as he shows off his Ork Flyer.

Ork Flyer #1 by griffindell

Ork vehicles are always a source of fun when it comes to painting and it seems like this has translated over into the work from griffindell here. While the actual painting on the body of the aircraft is good the markings and artwork the Orks have daubed over their prize possession really take things to the next level.

Ork Flyer #2 by griffindell

Some of the little details when it comes to weathering up and ageing the aircraft come across when you take a closer look. The pipes coming from the engine there in the image above look well-used thanks to the way griffindell has given them a bit of shine.

Ork Flyer #3 by griffindell

With a bit of extra work, you can also make your vehicle look like it's been through the ringer. The scuffs and marks across the plane body, as well as the rusting around some of the vents, helps bring the piece to life.

Let us know what you think of these three projects in the comments below and don't forget to get stuck in and show off your own painting in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

No-one is too bad or too good to be shown off. We all learn together and share our thoughts as a community to become better hobbyists as a whole!

Get your work in the forums with your own PLOGS and more and we might pick it out one week!

Drop your thoughts below...

"byakhee takes us to the realm of Warhammer 40,000 with his latest project..."

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