Community Spotlight: Sculpting, Slaughter & A Cryx Slayer!

October 7, 2016 by crew

We're back again looking through the site and picking out some great projects. Delving into the Hobby & Painting Forum is always a joy! Take a look at what caught our eye this time...

Cryx Slayer by laughingboy

Leading the way this time, we're taking a look at what laughingboy has been doing when it comes to his Cryx for use in Warmachine. Here we have a particularly nice looking 'Jack which looks ready to gore you!

Cryx Warjack by laughingboy

Overall the scheme is quite a simple one but it looks very effective. It would definitely pass the four-foot challenge! What we really liked was the way the green had been done around the back of the model and on it's eerie 'ribcage'.

Cryx Warjack (Alt) by laughingboy

The spots of light green work well against the rest of the model and it's more muted tones, a nice contrast. The scheme seems like a slightly brighter one than the official paint job you can see HERE and it's come out nicely.

Sculpted DemiGryph Knights by igotskills

Next up we're going to be looking at the sculpting work of igotskills! We've looked at a lot of painting and terrain making but not much in the way of sculpting so we thought it was about time.

Demigryph #1 by igotskillz

Based on the Panther Lancers from the Basileans in Kings of War igotskills decided to improve upon them and make them look closer to the monstrous cavalry from The Empire in Warhammer Fantasy.

Demigryph #2 by igotskillz

Considering sculpting like this is something that still eludes most of us it's nice to see someone giving it a go and making their own original units. The Perry Knights fit well as Knights too.

Additional work on all of the pageantry and pomp then helps bring the Knight to life. You can follow more of his work HERE on his PLog as he builds up his force for Kings of War.

Slaughterpriest by silverstars

Lastly, we're taking a look at this stunning Slaughterpriest from silverstars which puts my own to shame!

Slaughterpriest by silverstars

There's a lot to talk about with this model but silverstars has done a sterling job on the armour, the weapon, the pale skin, the mutated arm and the rusted weapon. The realism comes through too when you look at the way the colours are that little bit muted and dirty.

Would a little blood dripped on the sword be a little too much here; would it spoil the scheme? Let us know below!

Don't forget to head on over to the Hobby & Painting Forum and share your own work with us as we love seeing what you've been working on. It gives us the inspiration to paint more and try out new techniques!

What do you think of the work from this week?

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"Considering sculpting like this is something that still eludes most of us it's nice to see someone giving it a go..."

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