Community Spotlight: Sharpe’s Rifles, Glowing Terrain & A UCM Fleet

November 25, 2016 by crew

We're diving back into the Hobby & Painting Forum today to take a look at some of the amazing work you've all been doing on miniatures, terrain pieces and more for this wonderful tabletop hobby we all share in.

Without further ado lets give in!

Sharpe's 95th Rifles Test by alfonsothetraitor

Leading the way we're looking at this particularly impressive test piece that was done by alfonsothetraitor for use in those Napolonic games he has planned, whether as part of a skirmish or a bigger battle.

Sharpe's 95th Rifles #1 by alfonsothetraitor

Here you can see the soldier in the traditional green that you'll know from the TV show and of course history itself. This fellow looks particularly fantastic with his rifle up, ready to charge into action.

As a test piece, this model looks right on the money with important attention being given to the detail that has been picked out on the face.

Sharpe's 95th Rifles #2 by alfonsothetraitor

All of the kit has also been painted up nicely and not missed out. The strip of white running around his torso also helps to break up the model a little bit and interrupt the green which we feel was needed.

It looks like he's going to have a lot of fun playing Sharpe's Practice with his mates from Too Fat Lardies.

UCM Fleet For Dropfleet by volleyfireandy

With a rather apt name considering the ships he's been painting up volleyfireandry impressed us with these amazing looking UCM ships which have been given a dose of the High Sci-Fi in their design when you look closer at his painting.

Dropfleet UCM #1 volleyfireandy

It's nice to see someone step away from the basic grey and go for something a bit brighter when it comes to this fleet. We think it has come off rather nicely and they'd look superb on the tabletop with a planet laid out beneath them.

Dropfleet UCM #2 by volleyfireandy

Picking out the occasional panel in a different colour helps adds to the look of a fleet with a purpose too. They all seem tied together, maybe an exploratory fleet that has fought together for years and so has taken on markings to look different from other crews out there.

Dropfleet UCM #3 by volleyfireandy

The scheme is reportedly rather simple too. To quote volleyfireandy...

"The base colour is black, then I airbrush on a dark green, followed by a lighter green to the edges, this is followed by a very pale green at the tips and peaks of details. The model then gets a dark blue glaze, followed by a gloss of nuln oil wash, before details are picked out."

Will you be trying this for your fleet when it hits the tabletop for Dropfleet?

Infinity Objective Building by seldon9

We like seeing some utterly striking pieces of terrain and so when we got a look at what seldon9 was up to we just had to peek back at it. Here you can see how one of his Objective Buildings is coming along for use within Infinity.

Infinity Objective Building #1 by seldon9

This bright scheme looks like it would be very striking on the tabletop and you'd certainly not miss it when your soldiers called out the objective!

Infinity Objective Building #2 by seldon9

The inside of the building is even more striking and we think that while a bit of work still might need to go into the darker areas of the building the glowing blue floor looks fantastic and we're getting all kinds of TRON vibes out of this.

Now you just need some miniatures to sit inside it and see if the scheme works! Well done seldon9, we've got our eyes on this and want to see how it all ends up looking.

Don't forget to share your own work in the Hobby & Painting Forum so we can delve in and get inspired every week!

We are constantly blown away by what you're up and can't wait to see what you get up to during these cold Winter nights where hobby sounds like the best option!

What do you think of the picks this week?

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