Community Spotlight: Space Hulk, Beardlings & Soviet Choppers!

November 11, 2016 by lancorz

It might be The Walking Dead Boot Camp right now but we still found time to pick out some gems from the community worthy of some Golden Buttons.

As always we've picked these from the Hobby & Painting Forum which are a constant source of inspiration for us and other hobbyists!

Terminators & Genestealers by pj76

Leading the way this week we have a look at what pj76 has been working away on for Space Hulk. These have been a while in the finishing but we think they look superb.

Space Hulk #1 by pj76

First up we have the Blood Angels Terminators who were storming through the cramped corridors of the Space Hulk looking to cleanse it of xenos filth.

Talking of alien scum here are some of the Genestealers.

Space Hulk #2 by pj76

One thing that always struck us about the Genestealers, and to a lesser extent the Terminators, was that they all looked like they belonged within the setting. They came together as proper board game pieces rather than simply models graduating from the wargamers tabletop.

The painting here is of a nice tabletop quality with good attention to detail when it comes to shading and highlighting to bring the models to life beyond their simple base colours.

Team Yankee Soviets by wolfch

Heading to the realm of Historical gaming we see some of the work by wolfch done on his Soviets where he has brought to life these HINDs which are looking superb.

Soviets #1 by wolfch

The paint job is neat and has a very clean finish to it. When you see them like this you truly appreciate just how big these things are too! As a personal preference I might have been tempted to add a bit of weathering here and there but sometimes you just don't need it.

wolfch hasn't been slouching around either as he also painted up the tanks from the Soviet set too.

Soviets #2 by wolfch

Some more superb work here creating a clean and crisp looking scheme that gives them the look of a coherent army on the tabletop. Kudos has to go to the work on the tracks in particular with that rusted look.

Kings Of War Dwarfs by 144artist

Rounding things off we have these Long Rifles who have been painted up for the Dwarfen armies of Mantic's Kings of War by 144artist and they're looking very nice indeed!

KoW Dwarves #1 by 144artist

It's neat seeing someone go with a brighter colour scheme for these Dwarfs including some nice reds and gold/yellow into the mix alongside their darker leather.

KoW Dwarves #2 by 144artists

Additionally, this shows off just what you can achieve when you work on bringing together scenic regiments for your games. You also can't ignore the work on the hems of the cloaks with some nice geometric designs adding to the look of the characters overall.

We hope you've picked up some inspiration from the models we've shown off today. As always make sure to share your own work in the Hobby & Painting Forum and we might pick your painting projects!

What have you been working on this week?

"As always we've picked these from the Hobby & Painting Forum which are a constant source of inspiration for us and other hobbyists!"

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