Community Spotlight: Stinky Swamps, Massive Mechs & Winged Abyssal Beasts

January 27, 2017 by crew

It's time to take the plunge into the warm waters of the Community Spotlight where we wade through the pool of awesome content you folks post up on the Hobby & Painting Forum. We've got some great ones this week.

Popping up this week we have terrain, scratch built mechs and a monstrous beast.

"Eisenbar" Bundeswehr Battlemech by oriskany

First up we have this project by oriskany who does loads of awesome work for us on Historical articles. Now he turns his attention to this scratch built contraption which looks superb and perfectly placed to do some damage in a Sci-Fi setting.

Eisenbar Bundeswehr Battlemech #1 by Oriskany

You wouldn't believe that this started out life like this...

Eisenbar Bundeswehr Battlemech (Unfinished) by oriskany

...and managed to get to this stage where it looks like something you'd legitimately buy from a wargaming company. It's some superb work and shows what you can do if you put some time into a project.

Eisenbar Bundeswehr Battlemech #2 by oriskany

The finished piece looks fantastic but more than that it shows off just how inventive you can be with this hobby. We imagine oriskany had a great sense of satisfaction from completing this and when you put a lot of hard work into a project and it pays off you know the hobby time was worth it!

Hopefully, we'll see this pop up in some of his games where we get to see a Pulp version of Team Yankee play out on the tabletop.

Bayou Swamp Terrain by paepercuts

Next up we're going for a dip in the rather foetid swamps of the Bayou with some terrain by paepercuts. This would be perfect for those looking to create some terrain for Malifaux or maybe a bit of Walking Dead fun down in the South.

Bayou Swamp #1 by paepercuts

There's plenty to commend here as we get to see some wonderful work on vegetation, trees, water and the small jetty poking out over the pond.

Bayou Swamp #2 by paepercuts

As mentioned above this would be a fantastic piece of terrain for the likes of The Walking Dead where you could imagine Walkers dragging themselves from the water.

Bayou Swamp #3 by paepercuts

If you're interested in finding out more about how this game to life then you can actually check out a video which goes into this. You can also go and explore more from the channel to look at additional terrain pieces and more hobby awesomeness.

Make sure to drop some comments on to the video and let him know you saw him here!

Greater Abyssal by fireblarney

Preparing for Clash of Kings in Australia fireblarney has been working away on his Kings of War army and painted up this rather awesome looking Greater Abyssal and his rider.

Greater Abyssal #1 by fireblarney

What struck us with this was that we were seeing a Fantasy army embracing a wide range of brighter colours to contrast with the darker tones. Yes, Kings of War has some grim aspects to it but there are plenty of armies which have vivid colours on show and this was great, even for the Abyssal Dwarfs.

Greater Abyssal #2 by fireblarney

Having used some tips and tricks from Angel Giraldez' book fireblarney used an airbrush on the scales and the wings. We think the effect looks superb as it is definitely hard to make wing membrane look right as its usually such a large flat area.

Well done to all our entries again for this week and we'll get you added to our list of awesome people showing us just what can be done when you get stuck into your hobby.

Make sure to post your own work in the Hobby & Painting Forum so we can comment, share and learn together.

What do you think of this week's crop?

"...this would be a fantastic piece of terrain for the likes of The Walking Dead where you could imagine Walkers dragging themselves from the water"

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