Community Spotlight: Striking Starpriests, Crusading Follows & More

February 16, 2018 by brennon

Make sure to come and join in with our Community Spotlight for this week where we're looking back in time to the Crusades and also basking in the glory of an awesome Seraphon paint job too. Oh, and making sure we do some housekeeping!

As always, make sure that you share your work in the Hobby & Painting Forum and maybe you'll win yourself a golden button!

Seraphon Starpriest by richbuilds

First up we're looking at one of the Seraphon models from Age Of Sigmar painted up by the great brush skills of richbuilds. This is one of the Starpriests and I think that he's hit a perfect blend of tones with this one.

Seraphon Starpriest #1 by richbuilds

The model has a nice blend of colours going on, quite literally in most places. I really like the cool green/blue of the skin and how that contrasts nicely with the fiery red and yellow of the feathers that adorn his headpiece and back.

Seraphon Starpriest #2 by richbuilds

Used as a way of transitioning between the two very bright colours you also have the cool and almost glistening look of the armour plates on the Skink's back. I think the work on that, in particular, is top notch and helps add another level of class to this character piece.

You can check out a lot more of richbuilds work on his Seraphon force throughout the forums so if this has caught your eye make sure to check out more.

Crusader Era Baggage Train by piers

Next up we're looking at this Crusader era Baggage Train which has been painted up by piers for one of his friends.

Crusades Baggage Train #1 by peirs

As well as serving as a set of followers who would have marched alongside an army during the period the two different vignettes also mesh together nicely to create the market scene you see above.

Crusades Baggage Train #2 by piers

Both of these sets would be awesome for someone wanting to add a bit more character to their tabletop. No longer is this just a traditional caravan but instead, a living and breathing moment in time as your armies are on the march.

Crusades Baggage Train #3 by piers

You could even have these place at the start of a battle as your army is relaxed and camped around them, and then slowly change things up as the enemy attacks. Throw in some fleeing camp followers and such and you can suddenly have an evolving, narrative battlefield that changes as the battle unfolds.

Mythic Battles Typhon Pledge by jinxx71

Last but not least, a bit of housekeeping and a look back at the work of jinxx71 who managed to paint up the ENTIRE Typhon Pledge from Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Just take a look at some of the models from the collection...

Typhon Pledge #1 by jinxx71

All of the models, from the basic troops through to the epic monsters and the Gods have been painted up thanks to some quick and easy techniques.

Typhon Pledge #2 by jinxx71

When it comes to how on earth you'd do this yourself; jinxx71 has actually put together a number of steps in the link above which guide you through the process that brought this force to life. Bases seem to be one of the main factors in making a quick and easy set of models look good as it frames them nicely.

Typhon Pledge #3 by jinxx71

We talked about this collection of models on Weekender XLBS a few years ago but I thought we should drop it back in here so that we can award the Golden Button properly. I mean, just look at that awesome winged beast in the image above!

A well deserved golden button!

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