Community Spotlight: Upgrading Houses, Monster Beetles & Carcassone Bling

February 17, 2017 by crew

We're diving into some more Community Spotlight goodness with you today as we look at work being done by you fine folks in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

We have some interesting terrain to look at, a masterful beast and then a bit of board game bling!

4Ground Terrain Upgrades by soapddodger

Picking up some of the basic buildings from the 4Ground range soapdodger went about putting his own mark on these buildings. He has been tinkering with additional effects to bring the buildings to life and lift them up past the basic make-up of these Fantasy/Medieval buildings.

Upgraded Building #1 by soapdodger

You can see the finished product here once it's gone through the various upgrade stages. The additional detail on the outer walls is new, plus an upgraded interior, new roof tiles, a new door and much more.

Upgraded Building #2 by soapdodger

You can take a peek through the front door here with a little of interior lighting. If you're interested in the process you can find out more over on the forum thread linked above which packs in much more step-by-step detail.

His next building is of a similar design but instead, it's going to have seen a few bad days!

Upgraded Building #3 by soapdodger

This gives you a much better idea of what has been added to the building beyond the basic structure and silhouette work on the exterior. Taking a look inside you can see how much work has also been done...

Upgraded Building #4 by soapdodger

Floorboards and all sorts have been added into the mix making for quite the wonderful looking piece. With plenty of other buildings included in his pool of goodies no doubt we're going to be seeing soapdodger work on plenty more of these terrain pieces over the next few weeks.

Have you ever considered adding your own personal touch to your terrain?

Alarielle & Wardroth Beetle by brydeemer

Stepping into the world of Fantasy we have this rather fantastic looking Wardroth Bettle, the steed of Alarielle in Age of Sigmar, painted by brydeemer.

Wardroth Beetle #1 by brydeemer

This piece, which also features a wonderfully constructed base, has been painted with standard paints but also a Modo Paint which gives you an almost pearlescent/metallic look to the armour of the beetle. It looks utterly superb and means you get a very natural look when the light hits it.

Wardroth Beetle #2 by brydeemer

You can see that the detail work is fascinating and so many of the little bits have been picked out to make the model stand out on the tabletop. Despite its ultra-magical appearance it also feels like it fits with the basing material which is good.

brydeemer is also working on Alarielle right now with the same diligence and she's looking wonderful even at this early stage.

Alarielle by brydeemer

She truly is a magnificent model and it looks like brydeemer has his work cut out for him, but we reckon he's got this!

Carcassone Storage Box by avien

Stepping away from the tabletop we then move to our next slice of hobby from avien which is focused on adding some board game bling to his wife's favourite game, Carcassone.

Carcassone Box #1 by avien

The box started out as this art supply case which was serving well, but he decided to take it to the next level and focus it towards the game components, giving it an upgrade.

Carcassone Box #2 by avien

As well as making sure that all of the components were going to fit snugly inside he also took some time to stain the wood and carve out the Carcassone logo onto the front of the box. Now that is some rather good dremel work sir!

Carcassone Box #3 by avien

...and this is how it all looks now. The finish is superb and everything has its place within the box. This takes things from a favourite game to a treasured part of the collection and we think it's a wonderful way to spend your hobby time!

As something a little different, stepping away from the wargaming aspect of our community, this certainly impressed us. Also, good choice on Carcassone! It's a brilliant tile-laying game worth adding to your collection.

So there we have it, another week of awesome Hobby & Painting Forum goodness. Make sure to drop your own projects into the forums and we may pick out your work to show off.

We hope you enjoy what we've shown off today and it's given you a bit of inspiration.

What are you working on?

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