WAYPN 4,000 Post Celebration & Awards

October 25, 2016 by crew

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The wonderful caladors has put together a celebration of all things What Are You Painting Now? giving a nice nod to all those involved in the thread, getting us to showing off our painting - no matter how good or bad we might be!

WAYPN 4,000 Post Celebration & Awards

Cutting things down to three categories you can vote and give some deserving kudos to those who have created some wonderful pieces inspiring us to paint more models. Find the thread itself HERE.

Best Painted Miniature

This is whittled down to those who have gotten ten or more likes on their entries into the forum thread. With eighteen entries here each of them has more than deserved their placing and it's up to you to pick your favourites.

Best Scenic Shot

With thirty-three entries in this category, it was all about focusing on what people contributed to the thread and the quality of the photography too; placing the miniatures in an interesting surrounding.

Best Contributor

Quite simply a vote for who you think has contributed to the thread the most over the past few months. This doesn't just mean posting images but also giving feedback and encouraging others to share their work.

Most Improved

This is the final category and involves you messaging caladors and letting him know who has improved the most. This could be in their painting skill, contributions to others posts, photography quality or something else entirely.


caladors has been more than generous with his prizes too. You can choose from the likes of...

  • Halo Fleet Battles Statuette Collection -  Covenant & UNSC (Separate Prizes)
  • Infinity Blister Collection - PanOcean, Yu Jung, and Hassassin Blisters (Single Prize)
  • Eight Different Tales of War Metal Sculpts (Two Prizes or One for Gold Best Painter, their choice!)
  • Sphere Wars Starter and Blisters
  • Deathwatch Overkill Models Squad Donatus
  • Out of Print Specialist Game: Inquisitor Models (Still In Box)
  • Genestealer Cult HQ Broodcoven
  • Loyalist Dark Vengeance Models (Dark Angels Deathwing)

...or a range of personal prizes if you wish.

  • Your own Galaxy Battle Board
  • Your own Custom Built Role-Playing Game/Dungeon Crawlers Adventurers

A nice selection of goodies and a nice thank you to all those who have contributed over the last few months.

So, go and share your thoughts in the forums and remember to vote on the links above.

Will you be sharing more of your work in the forum?

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