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New Characters & Villains Come To Life For Sword & Sorcery


Ares Games have shown off some more of the work going into creating their miniatures for Sword & Sorcery. With most of the game components at the printers they are focusing in on heroes and villains. We'll kick off with the heroes within...

The Hellspawn Burns With Anger For Sword & Sorcery By Ares


Keeping up to date with how things are going for Ares' Sword & Sorcery adventure game we got another look at one of the miniatures for the aforementioned title.

An Undead Lord Takes Twisted Shape For Ares’ Sword & Sorcery


Sword & Sorcery is coming soon and with that some impressive figures. Ares Games' have shown off another of the big bad guys that you'll be getting in the game with this Undead Lord...

Ares Share Cover Art For Vastaryous’ Lair Sword & Sorcery Expansion


Ares Games are working hard towards the release of Sword & Sorcery, their take on dungeon delving and monster slayer, later this year in 2016. Check out the art for this expansion though!

Ares’ Wings Of Glory Heads To The Skies With New WWI Planes


Ares Games have added to their Wings of Glory WWI line-up with two more planes. These give you more options for dogfighting in some classic planes...

New Planes Report To The Flight Line For Wings Of Glory


Ares Games Wings of Glory WWII version has some new releases coming to add to your squadrons.

Sword & Sorcery Welcomes Some Barbaric Heroes


Ares Games have been showing off what they've been working on recently for Sword & Sorcery which is their big adventure board game developing out of a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

Weekender XLBS: What Makes For The Best Mega Gaming Battles?


Welcome to our slice of Sunday Weekender fun on XLBS. We've got a funny story from Warren to kick things off and talk on big Mega Battles!

Ares Pair Up With Pendragon For Horror Board Game Last Friday


Hidden movement games have become quite the winner in the board game world so it's good to see another one coming soon in English from Ares Games and Pendragon. Last Friday puts someone in the boots of a slasher movie villain trying to ruin the night of some poor young campers...

New Wings Of Glory WW2 Airplane Packs On The Way From ARES


Soon there will be a few new planes in the sky for Ares Games' WW2 Wings Of Glory. The new packs will not only feature new planes, but some new content as well that will offer some additional rules and tactics to your game.

Ares Games Will Release Warriors Of Middle-Earth Late Spring


Ares Games provides us with an update on the status of the next expansion for War of the Ring Second Edition.

The Mighty Vastaryous Takes Shape For Ares’ Sword & Sorcery


Ares Games had great success last year with Sword & Sorcery and now as the game becomes a reality they are excited to show off what's coming for their backers. One of the biggest models from the campaign is Vastaryous who you can see here looking insanely awesome...

Skeld Joins Sword & Sorcery Kickstarter Closing In On Final Hours


Skeld is the awesome Dwarf Berserker that was unlocked as part of the Sword & Sorcery Kickstarter Campaign by Ares Games. The campaign is now coming to an end and with that in mind here's an awesome look at his render which will be including in all pledge levels starting with the Legendary Hero...

Take On The Mighty Vastaryous In Sword & Sorcery Expansion


Vastaryous' Lair is a massive expansion being added to the line-up on Kickstarter for Ares Games' Sword & Sorcery dungeon crawling board game. A monstrous hydra/dragon is hitting the tabletop with a huge model, a cadre of elite Drakonian guards and more...

The Power Of Nature & Wild Wolves Come To Sword & Sorcery


Ares Games' Sword & Sorcery Kickstarter is doing exceptionally well and with that we're seeing more stretch goals for the project. I've picked out a few of the big ones for me that I think are worth taking a closer look at...

Ares Games’ Sword & Sorcery Battles Onto Kickstarter


The dungeon delving adventures of Sword & Sorcery are now on Kickstarter looking for funding. Heroes face off against hordes of monsters throughout dungeons and more. Which hero will you be choosing to take on this new journey from Ares Games?

Sword & Sorcery Kickstarter To Launch In Upcoming Weeks


The world of Sword & Sorcery is 10 days away from Kickstarter and ARES Games and Gremlin Project have been showing off some of the beautiful minis that we can expect to see in the game. All your favorite dungeon delvers are ready to spring into action and claim victory in their quests!

Sword & Sorcery To Hit Kickstarter In October


Ares games and Gremlin Project are teaming up again to bring us a good ole fashioned dungeon crawler game, Sword & Sorcery.

The Exclusive Undead Lord Rises For Sword & Sorcery


As a Kickstarter exclusive for backers of Sword & Sorcery when it launches Ares Games will offer the Undead Lord model to all backers. See what you think of this master of necromancy and the dark arts...

Bone Rattling Skeletons Shuffle Into Sword & Sorcery


Ares Games show off some more previews for their upcoming Kickstarter board game, Sword & Sorcery. This time we're looking at the staple undead enemy of many dungeon crawls, the Skeleton.

There’s A Troll In Sword & Sorcery’s Dungeon…


Continuing a look at some of the enemies you'll be facing in Sword & Sorcery from Ares Games we got a glimpse today at the Troll which is a Master Enemy in the board game. See what you think of the concept art and render below...

The Orc Warriors Become A New Foe In Sword & Sorcery


Ares Games continue their run of previews for Sword & Sorcery with a look at the Orc Warrior. A stalwart member of your enemies army they look like they can dish our a fair amount of pain and the renders are looking good...

A Skittering Gremlin Comes To Sword & Sorcery


Ares Games keep up the previews of what we're going to be getting out of Sword & Sorcery when it hits Kickstarter next month. This time we get to check out the snarling Gremlin who most definitely got touched by water...

A Mystical Orc Faces Your Heroes In Sword & Sorcery


Ares Games upcoming project, Sword & Sorcery, will be heading to Kickstarter soon and of course any good adventure needs foes. See what you think of this one, the Orc Shaman...

A Knightly Paladin Joins Ares Games’ Sword & Sorcery


Ares Games have shown off the early concept art and render for Ecarus, the Knight of the White/Black Rose in Sword & Sorcery. This is the final of the five main heroes for the game giving you another archetype to work with...

Summon Powerful Magics With Auriel In Sword & Sorcery


Ares Games and Gremlin Project have shown off another hero from the upcoming Sword & Sorcery board game which will feature on Kickstarter in September. This time it's the magic wielding Auriel...

Grab Your Bow With Sword & Sorcery’s Laegon The Elf


Sticking to the tried and tested Fantasy staple Ares Games have made the Ranger character for Sword & Sorcery an Elf named Laegon. You can see his artwork and render below...

Ares Games Show Off The Roguish Shae For Swords & Sorcery


Ares Games have shown off some more artwork and render design for another character that will be part of Swords & Sorcery when it comes to Kickstarter in September. Shae is the latest character, a rogue and trickster - a staple part of any Fantasy adventure...

Ares Games & Gremlin Project Announce Sword & Sorcery Board Game Kickstarter


In September, gamers can take up arms to back the latest Kickstarter from Ares Games and Gremlin Project, Sword & Sorcery. This crawler style, cooperative board game looks like it brings a clever storyline as well as some stunning miniatures. Follow Dawn & Gianna at Gen Con to catch up with Ares Games.

Ares Games Announces Gen Con Plans


More exciting news from Ares Games for Gen Con.

Ares Announce Anniversary Edition Of War Of The Ring


Ares Games have announced that on July 20th 2015 pre-orders will begin for the War of the Ring 2nd Edition Anniversary Edition to mark the publication of The Return of the King sixty years ago...

Ares Joins Forces With ePawn & Bring Wings Of Glory Into The Digital Age


Ares Games is getting their feet wet with the help of a startup company, ePawn in digital - miniatures crossover games.

Ares Announces Warriors Of Middle Earth Expansion For War of the Ring


Ares Games has announced the second expansion for the popular game War of the Ring.

Pirates & Greek Myths In Two New Games On The Way From Ares Games


Check out two different new games coming out from Ares Games throughout this year. If you like Pirates or Ancient Greeks then these could be for you.

Wings Of Glory: Giants Of The Sky Q&A With Roberto Di Meglio


Take to the skies with us as we have a chat with Roberto Di Meglio of Ares Games about their Kickstarter for Giants of the Sky and learn more about where the game came from and where it's going next! New sets for World War II anyone?

Ares Games Get Their Wings Of Glory With Giants Of The Skies Kickstarter


Start insane bombing runs from the end of World War I with the addition of massive planes to the world of Wings of Glory from Ares Games!

Ares Games Goes to Kickstarter to Bring the Giants of the Sky for Wings of Glory


Ares Games is taking to Kickstarter to help fund some really big planes from WWI for their game Wings of Glory.

New WWII Planes Take to the Skies for Wings of Glory


Look at the size of those planes! Ares Games is bringing B17's and Avro Lancasters to their Wings of Glory game in 4 Special Packs!

Ares Games Chart The Future Of Age Of Conan Board Game


See what you think of Ares Games' plans to expand the experience of Age of Conan to focus in on the mighty deeds of Conan himself!

Galaxy Defenders Master Aliens Ready For Production


Ares announced the Master Aliens are ready to go to the production line for their game Galaxy Defenders! These guys look like trouble, and in the best way!

Ares Games’ Battle Of Five Armies Board Game At Gen Con!


If you've been waiting patiently for The Battle of Five Armies from Ares Games then there isn't long to wait. It will be coming to Gen Con!

New WWI Planes in the Sky From Wings of Glory


The view from the sky never looked so good than with the new WWI airplane packs from ARES for Wings of Glory. New packs were released in the US today and will be making their way over to Europe in the next few weeks.

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