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Avatars of War

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Avatars Of War Bring Mighty Fantasy Dwarf Heroes To Patreon


Avatars Of War has put together a new set of releases for you to 3D Print over on Patreon this month. You are going to be able to download some legendary Dwarf Heroes for you to use in 9th Age armies or perhaps in the likes of Age Of Fantasy.

Peek At Pesky Avatars Of War Multi-Part Goblins On Patreon


Avatars Of War have been showing off some impressive new Goblin miniatures over on Patreon this month. The focus moves to some 3D Printable components for making multi-part Goblin Warriors for use on the tabletop.

Avatars Of War Summon Forth Harbingers Of Wrath


Avatars Of War have summoned forth a new set of Demons for you to use in your 28mm Fantasy wargames. Maybe these would be good options for your 9th Age armies or perhaps you have another game in mind?

Pesky New Fantasy Goblins Arrive On Avatars Of War’s Webstore


Avatars Of War has put together a series of physical releases for their expansive Fantasy collection. A new range of 28mm Goblin Characters have popped up on their webstore, sculpted by Felix Paniagua.

Avatars Of War Re-Release Plastic Dwarven Regiments!


Avatars Of War re-released some of their classic Dwarven plastic miniatures not long ago but they sold out quick! So, you will want to take a look at the two options they have offered up this week for both their Dwarf Seekers and Dwarf Clan Warriors before they vanish into the mines!

Avatars Of War Get Old School With New Patreon Goblins


Avatars Of War has made June the month of the Goblin! They have decided to get Old School with a lot of their 28mm STL-based miniatures and produced a range of characters that could be used to lead your warbands of Goblins, Grots and more.

Avatars Of War’s Patreon Hosts An Army Of Bellowing Orcs


Avatars Of War have put together some good rewards for their Patreon backers this month. You'll be able to download and print off some Legendary Orcs and Skeleton Orcs for use in your Fantasy games like The 9th Age.

Ragnarök Destroying Kickstarter; New Mythic Battles A Must-Have? + WIN Star Wars Set #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! Mythic Battles: Ragnarok is destroying Kickstarter! Is it a must-have game? PLUS, you could win a Star Wars: Legion Core Set.

Avatars Of War Raise A New Army Of The Undead


Avatars Of War are getting necromantic this week with the addition of new Undead miniatures to their Fantasy collection. Wights, Wraiths and rattling Skeletons have been summoned from their graves to threaten the mortal world.

Hold A Dwarven Battle Standard High With Avatars Of War


Avatars Of War added a new Dwarven miniature into their collection this week. The Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer is now available for you to snap up from their webstore for your 28mm Fantasy armies. 

Build Your Own Dark Elf Princess With Avatars Of War


Avatars Of War have fired up their new range called the Younique Heroes.

Nurse Chaos Spawn With The Midwife Of Pestilence!


Avatars Of War introduced a rather strange and chaotic new miniature into the mix for armies of evil.

Avatars Of War Call On Lizardmen For Fantasy & Football


Avatars Of War have two new miniatures for you to check out this week which might help you expand your Fantasy collection.

Slaughter Your Foes With Avatars Of War’s Ogre Berserker


Avatars Of War are kicking things off today with a new addition to their collection, the Ogre Berserker.

Serve The Infernal Dwarf Prophet & Vizier From Avatars Of War


Avatars Of War added two new miniatures into the mix for those delving into The 9th Age and the like. You'll notice that they've actually come from the folks at Lost Kingdom Miniatures in order to flesh out the line.

Summon Water To The Battlefield With Avatars Of War


Avatars Of War have another new miniature for those playing games like The 9th Age. This time it's a magic-user for the Imperials and a Hydromancer at that.

Meet Avatars Of War’s Grim Dwarf Berserker Fantasy Footballer


Avatars Of War continue to build on their Fantasy collection with a Fantasy Football player this time around.

Avatars Of War Fire Up Arena Deathmatch 4th Edition


Avatars Of War has now released the new 4th Edition of their big hero slaughter-fest, Arena Deathmatch.

Avatars Of War March Behind A New Marauder Warlord


We start off today with a new release from the team at Avatars Of War. Here we have their newest addition to the forces of chaos and disorder, the Barbarian Marauder Warlord.

Unleash Your Fury With Avatars Of War’s Hobgoblin Berserker


Avatars Of War has been showing off a new addition to the Arena Deathmatch sands and The 9th Age range. Here we have a bellowing Hobgoblin Berserker who doesn't care who stands in his way! 

Face A New Barbarian & Centaur Chief With Avatars Of War


Avatars Of War has released two new miniatures into the mix for their 9th Age and Arena Deathmatch range.

Slit Throats Then Rip & Tear With Avatars Of War Releases


Avatars Of War has released some new models for their world of Fantastical grimdarkness...yep, that's a word.

Avatars Of War 3D Print A Dwarf Runic Smith Statue


Avatars Of War are back with more 3D printing options for those creating Fantasy tabletops.

A Dark Elf Beastmaster Cracks Her Whip At Avatars of War


Avatars of War have released a new Dark Elf Beastmaster to help keep your tabletop monsters under control. As you would expect from a Dark Elf, there is something very vicious about this figure. Both her jagged whip and her […]

Avatars Of War’s New Statue Honours Their Dwarven Ancestors


Avatars Of War has added another new 3D printing project into their library for you to check out. This time around they are honouring their ancestors with this massive Dwarf King Statue.

Battle Against Avatars Of War’s Fearsome Spearback Lizard


Avatars Of War have unleashed another terrifying creature for your heroes to do battle with. Check out this fearsome Spearback Lizard.

Avatars Of War Lead Iron Orc Hordes & Tinker With Blackpowder


If you're looking for new leaders for both your Orc and Human forces in The 9th Age and such then maybe check out the Iron Black Orc Warlord and Empire Artificer Engineer. 

Avatars Of War Release First Ready2Print Dragonseeker Statue File


Avatars Of War has released the first of their Ready2Print pieces over on their webstore.

A Dwarven Thane Battles A Wretched Beast From Avatars Of War


Avatars Of War introduces two new character miniatures to their 9th Age compatible range.

Shamans & Prophets New From Avatars Of War This Month


Avatars Of War dropped two new models onto their webstore this week for those looking to bolster their 9th Age armies.

Warriors Of The Faith Join Avatar Of War’s Roster


Avatars Of War has two new heroes for you to drop into your Fantasy games. Each of these particular ladies has the power of faith behind them.

New Avatars Of War Vampire Count & Wild Sabretooth Released


Avatars Of War have two new kits for you to check out this month. The first of these is a new Vampire Count who comes with a number of different options.

Avatars Of War Release Royal Elves, Angry Dwarves & Barbaric Shamans


Avatars Of War have three new releases for you to kick off 2018. It has been a long time coming but leading the way we have the Highborn Elf Princess/Battle Standard Bearer.

Avatars of War Preview A Hero As Bright As The Sun


Avatars of War have previewed theri next hero, a figure wielding a flaming sword named Sunna of Sonnstahl.

The Ogre Khan Leads A Mighty Army From Avatars Of War


A reminder that the Ogre Khan With Great Weapon popped up from Avatars Of War as an awesome new character for you to consider picking up to lead your raiding army coming down from the steppes.

UPDATED* Black Friday Bonanza – Collecting Together The Deals!


It's that time of year again as everyone gets utterly obsessed with Black Friday and we need YOUR help!

Avatars Of War Releases Posters To Adorn Your Hobby Room


Avatars Of War have created some awesome artwork for their Fantasy world and the units within it. So, it's neat to see that they've now collected together a lot of that artwork and offered up Poster Versions of them!

Take To The Skies With Avatar Of War’s Dread Harpies


Avatars Of War are flooding the skies with Dread Harpies as part of a new plastic kit which will allow you to make ten of these fiends.

Avatars Of War Show Off First 9th Age Hero, Sunna


Designed with The 9th Age Rules in mind we have the first hero from Avatars of War for their growing Fantasy range. Here we have Sunna with her flaming sword.

Avatars Of War’s Apocalyptic Warriors Swing Their Great Weapons


Avatars Of War have shown off some more previews of how their Warriors of the Apocalypse with Great Weapons are shaping up.

Weekender XLBS: Embracing A Healthy Hobby & Why D&D Is Good For You!


Sit back and relax with us as we talk through embracing and having a healthy hobby + Win an awesome FAITH: Sci-Fi RPG Prize!

A Champion Of War & Adventuring Heroes From Avatars Of War


Avatars Of War have added a new Champion Of War to their range of Apocalypse characters which will be slaughtering hordes of foes in the field...

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