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Avatars of War

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Corrupting Warriors and Dark Harpies from Avatars of War


Avatars of War look to the Apocalypse and bring winged furies down upon you!

Avatars of War Show Even Statues Can Kill


What do you make of these mighty stone warriors, the Living Ancestors?

Warthrone Welcomes the Ironshield Dwarves


The Dwarven armies take shape for the world of Warthrone.

The Domina of Torment Bursts into Reality with Avatars of War


The Avatars of War Domina has arrived and she wants to cause a lot of pain...

Avatars of War Summon forth the Domina of Torment


Torment reigns in the world of Warthrone!

Painting Lizardman Scales… part 2


Romain finishes the scales and spikes on his Lizardman Hero from Avatars of War.

Painting Lizardman Scales… part 1


Avatars of War Begins a Bearded Kickstarter


Avatars of War have some great Dwarven ambitions for Warthrone!

A Dark Elf Sorceress Becomes the Latest Avatar of War


The winds of magic are strong with this latest Dark Elf release from Avatars of War.

Avatars of War Head into the Depths of the Dinosaur Jungle


Looking for a new Lizardman hero to grace your tabletop?

Avatars of War Enforce Discipline with New Marauder Champion


The Avatars of War grant you a mighty champion to lead the rank and file to battle!

A Pestilent Stench from Avatars of War


A rather foul stench leaks from the Avatars of War.

Warriors of Apoc Now on Pre-Order from Avatars of War


The Warriors of Apoc are now on pre-order, check them out!

Avatars of War Newest Regiment – Warriors of Apoc!


A superb looking new regiment from Avatars of War getting assembled!

Avatars of War’s New Herald of Pestilence


Avatars of War have previewed the next hero figure to be making its way to the fantasy battlefield, the Herald of Pestilence!

Avatars of War Goblin Hero!


Avatars of War have been working on their next release… the Goblin Warboss!

Painted Vermin Lord from Avatars of War


We covered this model last month, but now the Vermin Lord from Avatars of War has received a coat of paint from the master himself... Ángel Giráldez.

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