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A Pirate Queen Revealed As Salute 2024 Free Miniature!


The free miniature for Salute 2024 has been revealed! South London Warlords have worked with Annie of Bad Squiddo Games to bring lucky attendees Stormin' Annie, The Pirate Queen!

Jon Hodgson’s Backdrops Return To Kickstarter


Jon Hodgson of Handiwork Games has returned to Kickstarter with a short but sweet campaign looking to fund the creation of a new set of Backdrop Books for when you want to showcase your miniatures in the best way possible. 

Ace New NATO Forces WW3: Team Yankee 15mm Miniatures Incoming! Heat Up Your Cold War! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! It's a big time to be diving into World War 3: Team Yankee with Battlefront Miniatures are they are launching the NATO Forces book soon alongside a whole host of awesome 15mm miniatures for a variety of different nations. You can play as the French, Canadians and more as NATO looks to hold back the Soviet advance in this Cold War Gone Hot!

Unleash Bad Squiddo Games’ New Ghouls On Your Wargames


Annie from Bad Squiddo Games has teamed up with the master of Ghouls, Paul Muller, to produce a range of awesome 28mm Ghouls for you to use in all manner of wargames. What a perfectly timed project for the Halloween period!

Twilight Kin! Mantic Games’ Kings Of War Elves Like You’ve Never Seen Before #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we get a look at the brand new Twilight Kin, coming soon to Mantic Games' Kings Of War. These are Elves but not as you've seen them before. They have a proper demonic streak to them!

New Community Voted Miniatures From Bad Squiddo Games!


Bad Squiddo Games have been running a neat program over the last while which is focused on the community getting their chance to decide on which miniatures are made next. You can join The Community Miniatures Project and help the team explore the different characters they should be bringing to life. The first batch of 28mm Historical miniatures have now popped up on the Bad Squiddo webstore!

Pick Up A Thrashing Tentacled Beast From Bad Squiddo Games


Bad Squiddo Games have an awesome set of miniatures for you to check out on their webstore. Leading the way is a very Bad Squiddo who is thrashing around in the ocean, ready to drag ships and sailors down into the depths!

Bad Squiddo’s 28mm Women Of Horror Kickstarter Launches!


Bad Squiddo Games have hit up Kickstarter with their awesome new campaign looking at introducing more Women Of Horror to the tabletop! Some ace 28mm miniatures with a Hammer Horror vibe are available for you to snap up as part of this short campaign.

Bad Squiddo Games Stake New Vampires On Kickstarter Soon


Bad Squiddo Games has been teasing a new Kickstarter campaign coming up in March! Vampires are the name of the game and they are working towards releasing a new selection of deadly bloodsuckers for you to use in your Fantasy and Horror games.

Lady Macbeth Sees A Dagger Before Her From Bad Squiddo


Bad Squiddo Games added an awesome new miniature into the mix for those seeking a new female character to perhaps lead their forces on the tabletop. Look no further than the impressive Lady Macbeth.

Play Call Of Duty On The Tabletop! Black Powder Red Earth’s Ace Modern Warfare Minis! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're checking out an ace range of modern warfare miniatures from a company you've probably not heard of. Echelon Software has been making some amazing miniatures for Black Powder Red Earth that would be brilliant for playing Call Of Duty on the tabletop.

Getting Tabled Podcast EP93: Gaming Mechanics [Video Version]


Getting Tabled Podcast EP93: Gaming Mechanics [Audio Version]


Bad Squiddo Show Off Their WWII Naval Gents In Panto Dress


Bad Squiddo Games dropped a new set of miniatures on their webstore for those looking to investigate the quirkier side of World War II. Here we have some "WWII Naval Gents In Panto Dress".

Community Spotlight: Zona Alfa, Eagle Dioramas & Steampunk Battles

2 years ago 6

In this week's Community Spotlight, we dive into a Zona Alfa collection plus an awesome diorama. There is even a fun Victorian Sci-Fi Battle Report to sink your teeth into.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Breaking Away From Mainstream Games!


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we discuss transporting miniatures on the cheap, getting inspired to play games away from the mainstream AND some of us even played some games!

Bad Squiddo Launches Definitely Not Damsels Kickstarter!


Bad Squiddo Games are back on Kickstarter this week with a brand new short campaign, Definitely Not Damsels!

Bad Squiddo’s Women Of WWII Soviet Russia Kickstarter Funded!


Bad Squiddo Games have smashed their target on Kickstarter for their Women Of World War II: Soviet Russia range. A brand new set of 28mm Historical miniatures are on the way; wrapped up for winter.

Bad Squiddo Games Hitting Kickstarter With WWII Soviet Women


Bad Squiddo Games are coming to Kickstarter at the start of April with their Women Of WWII: Soviet Russia campaign. Get ready for some new 28mm Historical miniatures defending the Motherland!

Hasslefree Preview The Lioness Of Brittany & More New Miniatures


Hasslefree Miniatures has been working away on some new miniatures for a variety of different companies and also something for themselves too.

Bad Squiddo Tease New Dwarves For Salute 2020


Bad Squiddo Games has dropped a preview of some new Dwarves coming out at Salute 2020.

Bad Squiddo’s Final Hours For Women Of WWII Kickstarter


Bad Squiddo Games has been getting stuck into the final hours for their Women Of WWII Kickstarter which focuses in on the British Home Front.

Support The British Home Front & Bad Squiddo On Kickstarter


Bad Squiddo Games are now on Kickstarter with a project looking to produce a selection of models for the Women Of WWII.

Bad Squiddo Games Tease A New Home Front Kickstarter


Bad Squiddo Games has been teasing the coming of their new Home Front Kickstarter which goes live on November 27th.

Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Giant Gaming Table Idea


We're looking at some car boot treasures, loads of work from the community and an idea for a BIG skeletal gaming table.

Community Spotlight: Hot Germans, Angry Englishmen & Gruff Dwarves


Come and join us for a look at some awesome painting from you lovely people in the community!

Bad Squiddo Roll Out The Big Guns & Bofurs 40mm AA Kit


Bad Squiddo Games has added a new kit into the mix for their World War II range. The big Bofors 40mm AA Gun & Crew is up for pre-order now, ready to be shipped out in November/December.

Bad Squiddo Games Preview New Action Heroine Characters


Bad Squiddo Games has been previewing some of their new releases and one set that caught our eye was for the Action Heroine collection.

Bad Squiddo Give Us More Fearless Fantasy Females!


Bad Squiddo Games have become infamous for their Believable Female Miniatures Project, which aims to bring realistic female figures to wargaming. Now they're back with their sixth Kickstarter, bringing Dwarven damsels and awesome Amazonians to the tabletop!

Bad Squiddo Focus On Dwarves & Amazons For Next Kickstarter


Bad Squiddo Games is going to be focusing in on a new Kickstarter very soon.

Hunt For Treasures With New Bad Squiddo Terrain Sets


Bad Squiddo Games has been showing off their new terrain collection which came to their webstore recently.

Women To Watch In 2019: Part One – The Designers


Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning — Gloria Steinem

Snap Up Bad Squiddo’s Onna-Bugeisha In Final Days On Kickstarter


Bad Squiddo Games is closing in on the final days of their Onna-Bugeisha Kickstarter which looks to bring a whole new range of metal Female Figures to the tabletop for use in your skirmish games.

Bad Squiddo Games Command Amazons & Female Samurai


Bad Squiddo Games has added another new miniature to their website, an additional Female Leader who might take control of an Amazonian cohort or two. Meet Rania!

Set Forth On New Adventures With Bad Squiddo’s Pulp Explorers


If you're interested in the likes of Pulp Alley, or just like the idea of throwing some dashing and daring adventurers into your Mid-20th Century games then these new Pulp Explorers might be worth a look from Bad Squiddo Games.

Bad Squiddo Games Awaken New Female Ghouls From Their Slumber


We're looking at more work from Paul Muller again today as he has sculpted up a pair of Female Ghouls for Bad Squiddo Games, now available over on their webstore.

Gaia Bosses Take Command From Bad Squiddo Games


Bad Squiddo Games has a new release for the Ghosts Of Gaia collection. With their gangs looking for leadership they turn to the Gaia Bosses to lead the way.

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