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BattleSystems’ Core Space Pre-Orders Are Now Live!


BattleSystems' Core Space is now available to pre-order so you can start having your own space adventures!

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 8


Time to furnish the space station and talk a bit about narrative! 

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 7


Hello everyone. In this video I respond to some feedback from Collin at Battle Systems and start to add more structure to the table. Come take a look. 

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 6


Lots to look at on today's update. Let's dive right in and see how the table looks now!

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 5


Welcome back to more playing with Battle Systems for this Star Wars Legion table build...

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 4


Hello everyone! It's time to get back into the Space Station table build.

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 3


Hello everyone! While I am waiting for more terrain parts to arrive, I've turned my attention to some X-wing Fighters.

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 2


Today I discuss your awesome comments and what we have thought about due to your feedback.

Star Wars Legion – Space Station interior table // Part 1


On to a new project today! I am starting to put together an awesome space station interior or use in Star Wars Legion.

Let’s Play: Core Space – A Bounty On Our Heads


We've not been too discreet about our misconduct, infact it seems the whole galaxy is after us!

Let’s Play: Core Space – Prison Break Out


I'm joined by Colin from BattleSystems to get stuck into some Sci-Fi goodness as we play out a new scenario for Core Space.

Core Space Pre-Order BackerKit Now Open


Battle Systems have recently opened up their BackerKit program, allowing you to get stuck in on Core Space Pre-Orders!

Weekender: Preparing For Alien Invasion! Chronicle X & BoW Studios Defence


We're talking alien invasions and Chronicle X in the studio today! Plus, John will also be putting together a very different VLOG series to carry you through the Christmas period so watch out for that!

Awesome Shuttle Craft Arrives For Battle System’s Core Space Kickstarter


With the Kickstarter for Core Space coming to a close, the folks at Battle Systems showed off an awesome looking Shuttle Craft which is part of their campaign.

New Stretch Goals And Add-Ons Appear For The Core Space Kickstarter


With ten days left on the Kickstarter, Core Space is doing very well, with a host of free stretch goals and new add-ons making their appearance on Battle Systems' blog.

Let’s Play: Core Space – Destroy The Shields


Justin is joined by Colin from Battle Systems to continue the adventure in this upcoming Sci-Fi skirmish game.

Weekender: Win Galactic Terrain & Necromunda Exhumed!


Beasts of War 3rd Annual Awards coming soon! LIVE Friday 1st December 9PM, be there or be square!

Let’s Play: Core Space – Get the Goods


We have Colin from Battlesystems in the studio this week to play a demo game of his upcoming Sci-Fi adventure, skirmish game, Core Space.

Battle Systems Begin Teasing New Sci-Fi Game Core Space


Battle Systems have begun teasing and talking about their upcoming Sci-Fi skirmish game, Core Space.

Weekender XLBS: What Can You Do When Your Game Dies?


Tales of death abound for 3D printers and games alike.

New Battle Systems Sci-Fi Terrain Now Available + A Sneaky Look Ahead


Battle Systems has now made the terrain from their latest Sci-Fi Kickstarter available for you to snap up from their webstore.

Weekender: Walking Dead Winners, Blood Bowl Returns & Mythic Battles Breaks $1M


We've somewhat recovered from The Walking Dead: All Out War Boot Camp and will be diving into our thoughts on the game and much more besides!

New Infestations Riddle The Corridors Of Battle Systems Sci-Fi Kickstarter


The Kickstarter from Battle Systems, building up their amazing Sci-Fi Terrain collection, is looking ahead to some awesome new Infestations which will add a neat twist to your terrain.

New Explorer Pack Added To The Battle Systems Kickstarter


A new Explorer Pack has been added to the list of upgrades for use as part of the Battle Systems Kickstarter. Coming with both a Dome and Tower this adds to the range of self-contained terrain pieces available as part of the collection.

Weekender: Win A Battle Systems Shanty Town & Discussing World War II What Ifs!


It's time to get stuck into another jam-packed episode of The Weekender talking World War II what ifs and more!

WIN Conan! WIN a Dungeon! Mythic Battles: Pantheon & Red October


Join us for a special weekend focusing in on Mythic Battles: Pantheon! However, we've plenty more for you too and a packed show beckons!

Open The Arrival Bay For Battle Systems Sci-Fi Kickstarter


Having funded exceptionally well Battle Systems are turning their attention to stretch goals for their Sci-Fi II Terrain Project. The big one lands at £100k with the Arrival Bay!

Weekender: Battle Systems Killer Sci-Fi Terrain & First Look At Awaken Realms’ The Edge


Join us for an awesome Weekender where we have plenty of competitions AND some great interviews for you too.

Battle Systems’ Sci-Fi II Terrain Kickstarter Begins!


Check out the new range of amazing 28/32mm terrain by Battle Systems for your Sci-Fi games!

Battle Systems New Stunning Sci-Fi Terrain Takes To Kickstarter Soon


Battle Systems has announced they are returning to Kickstarter on Friday, October 21st with more of their fantastic 28mm card stock terrain. They will feature 2 jam packed Sci Fi table pledges to offer you a ton of options to bring to your tables.

Battle Systems Tease More Of Their Sci-Fi II Kickstarter Terrain


Battle Systems are looking ahead towards their next Sci-Fi Terrain Kickstarter which is pencilled in for October and took a closer look at the terrain that will be part of the project.

Weekender: What Makes A Tabletop Gaming Event Great?


We're exploring what makes a great Tabletop Gaming Event and find out what's been going on in the world of wargaming...

Sneaky Sci-Fi Peek At What’s Ahead For Battle Systems


See what you make of these sneaky peeks at what's on the way from Battle Systems via Kickstarter this year!

Weekender: Battle Systems Terrain In The Studio Going Post-Apocalyptic


On today's Weekender we're taking a look at some awesome Battle Systems Terrain, keeping you in the know and Warpath 2.0 Different game scales.

Weekender: Warmachine Team Championships & Andy Chambers Talks Dropfleet


Battle Systems Continue To Build On Their Urban Apocalypse


Battle Systems have a whole bunch of new stretch goals unlocked for their Urban Apocalypse Kickstarter. We've picked out some of the best below which add something new to the city blocks you'll be building...

Weekender Lookback: Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeons!


Battle Systems have a new kickstarter for some very cool post apocalypse terrain, but before all that there was of course the much lauded fantasy set. NOTE: THE PRIZE IS NOW GONE!

The Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse Terrain Kickstarter Begins!


Battle Systems Take You On A Tour Of The City Block


Battle Systems are going to be launching their Kickstarter for a range of Post-Apocalyptic terrain very soon and they thought it was a neat idea to show off the main pledge for the campaign, the City Block Bundle...

Battle Systems Apocalypse Terrain Kickstarter – 18th September 2015


Battle Systems are going to be heading to Kickstarter with their Apocalypse Terrain sets on the 18th of September 2015. Keep an eye out for it and check out the trailer above which gives you an idea of the kinds of scenarios you might be able to play out within it...

Weekender XLBS: Dungeon Delving Special


As well as enjoying the Dungeon Saga Weekend you can get stuck into a Weekender XLBS where we talk all things dungeon delving... Join Backstage Here

Post Apocalyptic Terrain Coming Soon From Battle Systems


Battle Systems have shown off some more sneaky peeks at their Post Apocalyptic Terrain sets that will be coming to Kickstarter in Mid-September. It looks wonderfully modular like all of the existing Battle Systems range...

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