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Bifrost Miniatures

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Fact! 80s Cartoons Make Great Tabletop Games! + Ex GW Painter Releases Own Paint Range #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! It's a fact! 80s Cartoons make for great tabletop games. PLUS, Ex GW Painter releases their new paint range. Will you be giving it a go?

Highland Dwarfs Coming To Bifrost’s Collection Soon!


Bifrost Miniatures are going to be building on their collection of Fantasy miniatures with a range of Highland Dwarfs! If you're looking to make some skirmishing warbands or perhaps drop them into games as NPCs, these are Dwarfs with a twist!

Bifrost Miniatures Release New Fantasy Heroes & Monsters


Bifrost Miniatures has introduced a new selection of heroes and monsters for those going dungeon delving.

Bifrost Miniatures Reveal New Dungeon Delving Goodies


Bifrost Miniatures has been showing off a great selection of new Fantasy miniatures which they will soon be adding to their webstore.

Bifrost Miniatures Unleash A Band Of Skittering Kobolds


Bifrost Miniatures have their sights set on the release of a bunch of new Fantasy miniatures soon and while heroes are all well and good, you need some foes too.

Bifrost Miniatures Deal With A Band Of Bullywugs!


Bifrost Miniatures aren't just producing a range of models sculpted in the traditional way.

Bifrost Share More Of Their Upcoming Fantasy Heroines


Bifrost Miniatures has been showing off more of the new models which will be coming out later this year.

Warbases Preview New Heroes From Biforst Miniatures


Warbases have been talking about their new venture into the world of model making with Bifrost Miniatures.

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