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Blacklist Games

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Ragnarök Destroying Kickstarter; New Mythic Battles A Must-Have? + WIN Star Wars Set #OTTWeekender

1 month ago 85

It's OTTWeekender Time! Mythic Battles: Ragnarok is destroying Kickstarter! Is it a must-have game? PLUS, you could win a Star Wars: Legion Core Set.

Lasting Tales; DM-Less D&D-Style Fantasy Adventures! Interview With Mark Latham

1 month ago 6

We interview game designer Mark Latham, the man behind Blacklist Games' newest co-op Fantasy miniature adventure tabletop game, Lasting Tales. 

Blacklist Games Launch New Lasting Tales Kickstarter

1 month ago 2

Inspired by the likes of Dungeons & Dragons, Lasting Tales puts you and your friends in the boots of epic heroes as you slay monsters together in an entirely solo or cooperative miniatures-based adventure experience. 

Exclusive! Check Out New Fantasy Series Heroes & Monsters!


Blacklist Games are returning to Kickstarter soon with their new game, Lasting Tales via Kickstarter in March. Alongside the release of the new game, you'll also be able to pick up the next set of Fantasy Series miniatures and we got a sneak peek at some of them!

Blacklist Games’ Fantasy Series Returns To Kickstarter In March


Blacklist Games are returning to Kickstarter 30th March 2021 with their Fantasy Series 2 campaign which also brings with it a new game called Lasting Tales.

Final Few Days For Blacklist’s Dire Alliance Horror Kickstarter


If you missed out on it when it first launched, make sure to check out the Dire Alliance: Horror Kickstarter which is both board game and also a massive miniatures collection for use in your horror-filled tabletop experiences by Blacklist Games.

Horror Minis & Deck Building! Blacklist Games’ Dire Alliance Kickstarter


Today we get a first look at the new board game Kickstarter from Blacklist Games which is packed full with 28mm horror miniatures called Dire Alliance.

Blacklist Games’ Dire Alliance Horror Kickstarter Now Live!


Blacklist Games are now live on Kickstarter with their new project for not only their Dire Alliance board game but also a range of 28mm miniatures drawing on Horror tropes! 

Blacklist Games Bringing Horror Miniatures To Kickstarter


Blacklist Games are coming to Kickstarter tomorrow with their new Horror Series of miniatures plus a game too.

Blacklist Games Add Even MORE To Their Fantasy Kickstarter


If you’re into your dungeon delving then you’ll want to check out the immense Fantasy Series 1 miniatures collection from Blacklist Games which has been unlocking additional miniatures for a few days now.

Blacklist Unlock LOADS Of New Fantasy Minis On Kickstarter


Blacklist Games has been adding loads of new options into the mix for those backing their Fantasy Series 1 Kickstarter.

Weekender: WIN Judge Dredd Board Game & Play Wolfenstein On The Tabletop!


Today on the Weekender! Wolfenstein hits Kickstarter, brilliant Fantasy miniatures from Blacklist Games and we check out Warploque Miniatures as our Indie Of The Week.

Check Out Blacklist’s Fantasy Series 1 Kickstarter Stretch Goals


Blacklist Games has been going great guns with their Fantasy Series 1 Kickstarter which looks to bring a set of pre-assembled and detailed plastic miniatures to the tabletop for all manner of gamers.

Blacklist Games Bring Heroes & Monsters To Kickstarter In Fantasy Series 1


This new collection of plastic miniatures has been designed for dungeon delvers, adventurers, heroes, villains and dungeon masters who are looking to populate their tabletops!

Explore The Mystical Ruins of Aridika In Altar Quest


Sixteen years after the Fall of Kretch, the Five Holds of Eastony have united under the rule of a new queen. A renewed interest in prosperity and empire has brought heroes to Aridika once more, seeking glory, treasure, and the expansion of their new queen’s domain.

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