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Bombshell Miniatures

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New Medieval Miniatures! Perfect 28mm Plastic Kits For Crusades & Beyond #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we're going all Medieval. We take a look at the awesome range of plastic miniatures in 28mm (and 10mm) coming from Wargames Atlantic for The Barons' War and other Medieval Historical wargames. Wargames Atlantic has a pretty awesome range coming out in plastic with loads of weapon options.

Bombshell Release Physical Darkgrim City Miniatures


Bombshell Miniatures are following on from a successful Kickstarter project by providing physical releases for their rather awesome Darkgrim City range. If you're a fan of Mordheim then you might want to scoop these up.

Enter Darkgrim City With Bombshell Miniatures Soon


Bombshell Miniatures are previewing some of the new figures they have been working on for Darkgrim City. This new Kickstarter campaign will be coming in the next few months and will feature some great new 3D printable miniatures and terrain for your grimdark Fantasy skirmishes.

Battletech Mercenaries! NEW Big Mechs For Hire In Resurgent Wargame & Undead Unearthed #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! This week, Warren gets into the Spring Clean Challenge by unearthing a cemetery's worth of undead fiends for gaming with his kids and the Battletech Mercenaries provide some big guns and more for the hard Sci-Fi tabletop wargame.

Judge Dredd; Check Out Block War & This Ace Sci-Fi Wargame From Warlord Games! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're having a look at the ace new Block War expansion from Warlord Games for their Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. Could this be the Sci-Fi skirmish game worth diving into if you've become disillusioned by Necromunda?

New Aliens Counterblast Their Way To Victory From Bombshell


Bombshell Miniatures do amazing work and one of their big ranges, Counterblast Adventures, is getting a revamp as they make the switch over from metal cast miniatures to 3D printing their own resins. As this work continues they have been replacing older sculpts and adding new to the range and this month sees some creeping evil join the ranks.

Bombshell Miniatures Tease New Counterblast RPG Kickstarter


Bombshell Miniatures dropped a little teaser this week that they're going to be working on a new Kickstarter project soon. Their Sci-Fi world of Counterblast is going to be getting a Savage Worlds-compatible roleplaying game in March.

Skeletor Agrees! Warhammer Quest’s Undead Miniatures Are The Best & Worst; Myah! #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! Skeletor is on board, the Warhammer Quest: Cursed City undead miniatures are totally the best!

Bombshell Hunt Replicants With New Cyber Detectives


Bombshell Miniatures has been continuing to release new models from their Cyberpunk collection with trio of characters who I immediately wanted to snap up.

Argo’s Tripod & Pulp Heroes Coming Soon From Crooked Dice


Crooked Dice has been showing off some funky new miniatures will be released for 7TV and Pulp fans very soon.

Bombshell Reveal The Mist For Their Pulpy Patreon


Bombshell Miniatures has been expanding on their offerings via Patreon this week as they showed off two new miniatures for backers. The first of these is The Mist who a lot of folks will be familiar with! 

Bombshell Miniatures Get Pulpy With Their New Patreon


Bombshell Miniatures are getting in on the Patreon game as well with May being the month they fire up the option to snag some STL Files from them to print at home.

Snag Bombshell’s Snazzy Betty & Shrapnel In 75mm


Bombshell Miniatures has been showing off a new 75mm miniature for their collection. If you're looking for a new painting challenge that's where Betty & Shrapnel come in!

Bombshell Miniatures Get Bewitched For Halloween


Bombshell Miniatures have been bewitched by this fantastical feline in the run up to Halloween.

Bombshell Miniatures Release New Animals & Automatons!


Bombshell Miniatures has been showing off some of their new miniatures!

Bombshell Miniatures Tease New Babes IV Kickstarter


Bombshell Miniatures have released a teaser image ahead of their latest Kickstarter campaign, and she's one buff babe.

Bombshell Take Off With Counterblast 2nd Edition Releases


Bombshell Miniatures has revamped Counterblast, their quirky and retro Sci-Fi skirmish game, into a 2nd Edition.

Bombshell Ready A Forest Spirit For The Mould


Bombshell have finished the sculpt for their next bust and have announced they are getting it ready for the mold.

The Great Patrick Keith Shows Off An Upcoming Sculpt


Patrick Keith shows off one of his amazing WIP for a soon to be released bust.

Bombshell Miniatures Counterblast Pre-Order Is Live


Counterblast 2nd Edition is up for preorder right now from Bombshell Miniatures through their "bookstarter." Updated rules and streamlines play are j[ust a couple examples of what's in store, and you can even up the ante in retro goodness with their collector's edition, Counterblast lunchbox sets.

Retro Counterblast Lunchbox Edition For Preorder Starting May 25th


What could possibly make the retro, Sci-Fi miniatures game, Counterblast, any cooler? Bombshell Miniatures' answer is: packaging a 2 player starter set in an old school, lunchbox of course!

Bombshell Miniature’s Counterblast To Get A Bookstarter This May


The deiselpunk/Sci-Fi world of Counterblast is getting a Bookstarter this spring. Bombshell Miniatures will launch this May 25th for a deluxe, hardback rulebook for this out of the world tabletop miniature game.

Bombshell Preview Progress On Their Growing Babes III Line-Up


Keeping folks in the know about where their miniatures are Bombshell has previewed more of the upcoming casts for their latest range of Babes.

A Mekkus Artificer Comes Clanking Towards Bombshell


Bombshell Miniatures have previewed a new model for the Mekkus of Counterblast, a clanking creation scuttling out on four metal legs.

Snag A GCW Combot For Bombshell’s Counterblast At Adepticon


Bombshell Miniatures is bringing something BIG to Adepticon this month. Some lucky folks that get to the stand early may be the first the pick up an 80mm GCW Combot for their upcoming edition of the Dieselpunk Sci-Fi game, Counterblast.

Exclusive Bombshell Mini For Geek Nation Adepticon Attendees


Geek Nation Tours and Bombshell Miniatures have teamed up to deliver a special treat for their tourees at Adepticon this year. Have a look at the exclusive sci fi mini from Patrick Keith!

Bombshell’s Latest Kickstarter Babes Looking Great


Bombshell Miniatures has posted up some updates of how things are progressing after finishing their Bombshell Babes Three Kickstarter campaign.

Bombshell’s Kritterkins Now Available From Their Webstore


Get ready for the cutest animal takeover ever! Bombshell Miniature's Kritterkins are now available on the Bombshell webstore for you to build your fantasy warband.

Bombshell Miniatures Offers The Golden Maelee Award At ReaperCon


As if Bombshell Miniatures' Maelee was cool enough in 28mm, have a look at her in 75mm! Bombshell Miniatures is sponsoring one of the awards at ReaperCon this weekend, and a Golden Maelee is the prize!

Anvalla, Orc Forgemaiden Next Stretch Goal For Babes III KS


The Bombshell Babes III Kickstarter from Bombshell Miniatures is in it's final twenty-four hours. It's well funded, but there's still tie to unlock the latest must-have Babe - Anvalla, Orc Forgemaiden!

Anugrah The Deepseer Unlocked For Bombshell Babes III


The Babes just keep coming from Bombshell Miniatures as they just broke through a stretch goal in their Bombshell Babes III Kickstarter. Anugrah the Deepseer has been unlocked and is ready to join your collection of Babes.

The Bombshell Babes III Kickstarter Is Live & Funded


Bombshell Miniatures has their new Kickstarter up and it's already funded - which means, bring on the Babes! Bombshell Babes III has six new Babes plus another Kickstarter exclusive model to add to your collection.

Bombshell Miniatures Shows Off Medieval Maelee For Babes III KS


Bombshell Miniatures is launching their Bombshell Babes III Kickstarter next week! It wouldn't be a Bombshell project without a KS exclusive Babe, and this time it's Medieval Maelee.

Bombshell Shows Off Two New Babes For Upcoming Babes III KS


Bombshell Miniatures have added 2 new minis to their Kickstarter preview page! Bombshell Babes III will launch on September 19th and will feature Officer Chase and Operative Haley and much more.

Bombshell Shows Off The Adorable Usagi Kage Painted By Mary Profitt


You can still preorder Bombshell Miniautures', Kritterkins, until September 1st, and they're showing how irresistible they are with beautiful paint jobs. Here's the adorable Usagi Kage, the samurai rabbit, painted by the super talented, Mary Profitt.

More Babes Heading To Kickstarter From Bombshell Miniatures


Bombshell Miniatures have announced their newest Kickstater, Bombshell Babes III! Babes III will launch on September 19th and will feature the Kickstarter Exclusive, Medieval Maelee.

The Viking Sheildmaiden, Managara, Makes Her Way Into KritterKins


The last of the sculpts for Bombshell Miniatures, KritterKins project - including the must have sheildmaiden, Mangarra-have been completed.

Bombshell Shows Off Adorable Captain Kelpington


Can you think of a reason not to have a pirate otter in your miniature collection? Me neither! Thankfully Bombshell Miniatures is on the same page as they are showing off Captain Kelpington from their recent Kritterkins Kickstarter.

Weekender XLBS: Making A Gamehacker Toolkit & Learning Lessons From Campaigns


Warren breaks out his Gamehacker Toolkit for bodging your games and we delve deeper into crafting Wargaming Campaigns.

Bombshell Babes II Now Available To Order


Regretting not backing the Bombshell Babes II Kickstarter? Now is your chance to purchase them directly.

Last Week To Unlock Cuteness In Bombshell’s Kritterkins Kickstarter


There's four more days left to back one of the cutest Kickstarters ever from Bombshell Miniatures. Kritterkins is pulling out all the stops with the last couple stretch goals including the very dangerous, Flint Eastwood!

Weekender: Unboxing Deadzone 2nd Edition & Aether Captains Kickstarter Giveaway


Join us for The Weekender as we Unbox Deadzone 2nd Edition AND give you a chance to win a mega Aether Captains prize!

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