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Crocodile Games

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Spartan Kryptes Sneak Into Crocodile’s WarGods Of Olympus


Crocodile Games has released a new miniature for their game, WarGods Of Olympus. Here we have one of the sneaky Spartan Kryptes who is going to be stealing their way behind enemy lines to cut down guards and assassinate important figures in the opposing army.

Crocodile Games Let Harpies Fly Into WarGods Of Olympus


Crocodile Games has released a new unit for you to include in your WarGods Of Olympus armies and use when adventuring through Ancient Greek Mythology

The Athenian Army Prepares For Battle In Crocodile Games’ WarGods


Crocodile Games has added some valiant new warriors into the mix for WarGods Of Olympus. If you'd like to stick it to Sparta and take command of Ancient Greece then you might want to bring together your new Athenian Army.

Weekender: WIN Judge Dredd Board Game & Play Wolfenstein On The Tabletop!


Today on the Weekender! Wolfenstein hits Kickstarter, brilliant Fantasy miniatures from Blacklist Games and we check out Warploque Miniatures as our Indie Of The Week.

Crocodile Games Add To The Ranks Of Their WarGods Spartan Armies


Crocodile Games were recently in the news as we talked about their new book, WarGods Of Olympus, but they have also now released a bunch of new kits to help those building an army of grizzled Spartans!

Weekender: Infinity CODE ONE Looking Ace & Join Our Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge!


We're starting up the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge AND putting a call out to exhibitors and content creators from cancelled events to join us for a new endeavour!

Crocodile Games Release Their Hardcover WarGods Rulebook


Crocodile Games has released their new Hardcover WarGods Of Olympus Rulebook onto their webstore in two different styles. 

Crocodile Games’ Mounted Amazons Rush Into Battle


Crocodile Games are mounting up alongside their Amazonians and Queen Penthesilea in order to hunt down the interlopers who dared step into their realm. 

Crocodile Games Fight As Corinthian Heroes Of Greek Mythology


Crocodile Games has been building up their Corinthian range for use in WarGods with a couple of new heroes and some warriors to fight beside them. 

Crocodile Games Reveal New Ancient Greek Demigods!


Crocodile Games has added to their WarGods range with a new set of Demigods for you to check out.

Crocodile Games Produce New Abominable Snowman Kit


Moving from metal to resin shaves off weight and cost, while adding in some detail to this snowbeast

Crocodile Games Achieve WarGods Kickstarter Success


Check out some of the awesome final pieces unlocked through the WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter.

The WarGods Of Olympus Grow In Number Via Kickstarter


Check out some of the additional Gods and other warriors that have made themselves known on the WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter. Will you back Ares?

Crocodile Games Taking Olympus To Kickstarter


Check out the new Trojans and upcoming Amazons that will be joining the WarGods range through Kickstarter and Crocodile Games.

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