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Crusader Miniatures

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Crusader Miniatures Launch A Boxer Rebellion In 2023


Crusader Miniatures is lined up for a bit of a scrap as 2023 rolls around. The Boxer Rebellion will be landing on their webstore in the new year with new metal kits representing those doing the rebelling and those looking to stop them. 

Crusader Miniatures Unleash Goblin Hordes On The Tabletop Soon


Crusader Miniatures has been tinkering away in the background with a new set of Fantasy Goblins! Mark Sims has created a nice warband of 28mm miniatures that you could use when playing out all manner of skirmish and mass battle wargames.

Crusader Release New Half-Orcs, Dwarves & Burly Ogres


Crusader Miniatures has released a bunch of new metal figures for you to use when diving into your Fantasy wargames, roleplaying games and skirmish adventures. The focus currently is on a set of different warriors like Dwarves, Half-Orcs and even some Ogres.

Cult Of Games XLBS: 10mm Is The Future Of Fantasy Wargaming! Right?!


Come and join us for the return of Cult Of Games XLBS. In this episode, we're looking at some hobby that we've been getting up to including the charms of 10mm wargaming!

Win Your Hero Forge 2.0 Miniature Design & Mantic Goblins Their Best Army Yet? #Weekender


Today on the OnTableTop Weekender! Hero Forge launches its revamped site with a new all-singing, all-dancing, all colour, way to customise and print your characters and you can win one on the show!

Acceptable Casualties Launches Sons Of Mars Gladiator Combat Game


The Acceptable Casualties has launched the pre-orders for their gladiatorial combat game, Sons Of Mars.

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