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Unboxing: Scylla Legion 2.0 Miniatures | DakkaDakka.Store

3 weeks ago 0

Gerry takes a closer look at some of the awesome new 32mm scale Sci-Fi miniatures that you can get from DakkaDakka.Store as part of their Scylla Legion 2.0 Kickstarter. We show off some of the 3D Prints from the campaign, showcasing what you'd get once stuff has been printed off!

Wild West Cinematic Magic; Dead Man’s Hand Delivers The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! In this week's episode, we dive into the awesome cinematic action of Dead Man's Hand which could well be the best Wild West wargame out there on the market at the moment. A new Kickstarter is now live featuring an updated Starter Set for the game, revamped rules and the chance to get your hands on some great miniatures as well.

Build Your Scylla Legion With New DakkaDakka.Store Kickstarter


DakkaDakka.Store are back on Kickstarter with another 3D Printing Kickstarter that will allow you to build a pretty badass army for your 28mm to 32mm scale Sci-Fi wargames. The Scylla Legion are on the warpath with a 2.0 update that introduces a bunch of new bits and revamped accessories that can make some sneaky traitors!

Conquest Brings Greek Myths & Monsters To The Tabletop – Mighty New 35mm Miniatures! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Want to play out your own Greek epic on the tabletop? See what you make of the awesome myths and monsters that Para Bellum Games are bringing to the tabletop for Conquest. If you're looking to play an awesome Warhammer alternative, make sure to dive into the 35mm miniatures for Conquest and the City States.

Grab Heroic 3D Printable Sci-Fi Romans With New Legio Prima Victrix Kickstarter!


Check out the new Legion Prima Victrix Kickstarter project from DakkaDakka.Store where you're going to be able to bring the Roman Legion into the far future for your Sci-Fi wargames.

Unmissable Mordheim Miniatures! Grimdark Models For Turnip28, Sludge & More #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We have a look at an awesome company that are making unmissable Mordheim miniatures that would also be great for other Grimdark wargames like Turnip28, Sludge, Forbidden Psalms and more. These 3D Printed miniatures have a fantastic look to them that would be great for those that like grim and perilous 28mm Fantasy wargames.

Build A Mighty Silver Moon Daughters Sci-Fi Army On Kickstarter


DakkaDakka.Store has hit up Kickstarter with a new campaign focused on 3D Printing yourself an awesome Sci-Fi army of warrior women. The Silver Moon Daughters are locked, loaded and ready for combat!

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