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A Pair Worth Their Metal Joins The Gentlefolk Of Twisted


If you love the metal aspect of steampunk, then you will adore the latest characters that have come to life through miniatures from Demented Games for Twisted. The Gentlefolk Sailor and the Gentlefolk Teacher have captured the storybook flavour of game perfectly and are now available in both metal and resin through the pledge manager.

The Urkins & Co Join The Fray In Demented’s Twisted


Demented Games have put together a collection of their upcoming work going into the Urkins for their Steampunk game, Twisted. The little folk have now hit the sculpting table and were created by Lux Thantor.

Weekender: Flying Battleships In Dropfleet Commander & Scatter Terrain Projects Explored


Hawk Wargames join us to talk Dropfleet Commander while we delve into the news AND your epic Scatter Terrain projects...

Demented Games Bring The Twisted Monkey King To Life


Demented Games have shown off another of their wonderful creations for the world of Twisted. Here we have the Monkey King in all his glory...

Demented Shows Off Desert Guardians For The Egyptians Of Twisted


A node for the Machine of Twisted has been located beneath the sands of Egypt and Howard Carter is on the way with his team to discover its secrets. Sebastian Archer has revealed two more incredible sculpts for the Egyptians of Twisted, offering an even better reason to add on to your KS pledge.

Demented Games Shows Off Two New Buildings For Twisted


The Pledge Manager is now open for Demented Games' successful steampunk Kickstarter, Twisted, which means we are that much closer to getting our lovely games! To sweeten the deal, CNC Workshop has added an two more fantastic steampunk buildings to the project to really make your games come alive.

The Desert Guardians Defend Ancient Tombs For Twisted


Demented Games have shared some more of the miniatures they have been working on for their Steampunk game, Twisted. Here we have the Desert Guardians Of Set.

The Fantastic Avatar Of Set Sculpt Joins The Egyptians Of Twisted


The characters in the world of Twisted continue to become more and more impressive as Demented Games shows off the final sculpt for the Avatar of Set. This piece will be the pinacle of the Egyptian faction and will tower over the human figures in the game- and rightfully so!

WIP Sculpt For The Gentlefolk Lancer of Twisted


The fellows at Demented Games are finishing things up to get the Pledge Manger opened up, following their successful project for the Twisted Kickaster. Sebastian has been hard at work on the sculpt for the Gentlefolk Lancer, who is shaping up beautifully!

Twisted Is Busting Through Stretch Goals In Its Final Days


The clock is ticking and there's 2 more days left to get behind the fantastic project of Twisted from Demented Games. The Kickstarter has added loads of wonderful new minis over thew weekend and there's still more to come.

Five Days To Unlock Fanciful Steampunk Goodies For Twisted


The clock is ticking as the fantastic steampunk Kickstarter, Twisted, from Demented Games counts down. There are 5 more days to get in on this wonderful game, full of stunning miniatures and whimsical terrain. There are plenty of free goodies available for backers with the promise of more on the way.

Twisted Reveals A Stretch Goal From Under The Sea


Something fantastic is brewing under the sea and making its way into Demented Games' Twisted Kickstarter. As the campaign is entering it's final week, they're sweetening the deal with the potential stretch goals of the Guild of Harmony's, Ariel, and her new friend, a Kickstarter exclusive mini, the steampunk crab, Bastion!

Tinkerbelle Flutters Into The Guild Of Harmony For Twisted


A wonderful, steampunk Tinkerbelle, has been unlocked for the Twisted Kickstarter from Demented Games this week. As the project continues to push ahead, there are more lovely models waiting in the wings to be unlocked.

The Egyptians Of Twisted Add More Fantastic Characters To The Game


The fantastical world of Twisted continues to expand as Demented Games has added the Egyptian faction to the starter set choices. With these new faces is a twist on a familiar face and archeology, Indie. With her pistol and whip handy, she is ready to take on the Engine and any others who stand in her way.

Demented Games Explains The Influence Of The Engine In Twisted


As if the stunning miniatures and setting of Demented Games' Twisted Kickstarter isn't enough to catch your attention, their unique Engine offers a wonderful "twist" to the game and sets is apart from other steampunk games. The mechanism of the Engine influences all characters in a game, and differently each turn, which keeps the dynamic of the game ever changing.

Weekender XLBS: How Hung Up On Rules Do We Have To Be?


Join us for a relaxing Sunday where we can sit back and chat about what we've been working on this week...

Check Out More Characters From The World Of Twisted


Demented Games preview more of the characters from their Twisted Kickstarter. This time the focus is on another pair of miniatures for the Dickensians and the Servants of the Engine. First off we have the Urkin Dragoon...

The Twisted Kickstarter Is Off, Running & Funded!


The highly anticipated steampunk Kickstarter, Twisted, hit the scene yesterday and is turning more than a few heads. Demented Games has been unlocking stretch goals left and right, bringing more and more wonderful things into this immersive, skirmish game.

Demented Games Presents The Urkin Shaman In Bloodrage Form


Sometimes a smaller character is just not getting their point across. Demented Games has the perfect answer to this problem in their interesting "Bloodrage" Alchemantic ability in their upcoming Twisted game. The Urkin Shaman becomes a much more formidable opponent when he's in his Bloodrage form.

Stunning CNC Workshop Terrain Part Of The Twisted Kickstarter


The soon to launch world of Twisted from Demented Games will be featuring, and offering, some lovely terrain from CNC Workshop Miniature Scenery. This MDF terrain will undoubtedly bring your games of Twisted to life!

Demented Games Breaks Down The Stats On The Character Cards For Twisted


In just about a week, we will finally see the storybook, steampunk world of Twisted come to Kickstarter! To help get us ready, Demented Games has offered a look at the meaning behind the character stats on the cards, featuring Launcelot.

The Long Awaited Twisted Is Coming To Kickstarter February 16th!


Demented Games has announced that their much anticipated steampunk game, Twisted, will be launching on Kickstarter on February 16th! Get ready to discover the mysteries of the Machine as the Servants of the Engine and the Dickensians battle with the lure of the Machine.

Twisted Will Be Making It’s Way To Kickstarter Soon!


The mysterious Engine of Twisted is ramping up for big news on the horizon from Demented Games. They'll soon be bringing their steampunk brilliance to Kickstarter with the long awaited rules and loads of new minis!

Demented Games’ Feygin & Tesla Now Available To Snap Up


We mentioned them yesterday and now they are available to buy. See what you think of both Tesla and Feygin who have new Collector's Edition version in resin to pick up from Demented Games for Twisted...

Two More Models For Demented Games’ Twisted Coming This Week


Demented Games continues to tease us with new minis for their long awaited steampunk game, Twisted. This week, we are getting two new models for the game, ready to join the ranks.

Demented Games Introduces Gretel, Hansel & Sowerberry


You're collection of exceptional miniatures from Demented Games for the work in progress game, Twisted, is growing by 2 this week. Gretel & Hansel command attention with their charm and Sowerberry brings an eerie presence to the collection.

Two New Miniatures For Twisted Are Launching This Week


The world of Twisted is becoming more colorful with the addition of two new miniatures this week. Demented Games is bringing to life Gretel and Sowerberry for your Servants of the Engine and Dickensians.

Meg Maples Paints A Beautiful Nightingale For Twisted


So you thought the unpainted resin sculpt for Twisted's Nightingale was lovely? Then the stunning paint job by Meg Maples will put it over the top. Look at how beautiful this Twisted mini is painted!

A Sneak Peek At The Rules For Twisted


If you've been wondering what the game play for Twisted was going to look like, the creators at Demented Games have offered a peek into the rules. This week we got a look at a character card and special abilities for the character, Launcelot.

Resin Collector’s Dodger Available For Twisted


Demented Games has announced that Dodger is available on their website in lovely resin! Dodger joins the Dickensians faction for the upcoming game, Twisted.

Q&A About Twisted With Sebastian Archer Of Demented Games


We have a great chat with the folks behind Twisted, the Steampunk model range and tabletop game by Demented. Check out what we learn from them about the game, the models, and the decision not to head to Kickstarter to launch their game...

A Beautiful Nightingale Is On The Way For Twisted


The world of Twisted continues to grow as we get a glimpse new faces that will be brought to life by the brilliant brush strokes of Meg Maples. Nightingale is the latest, lovely lady that will be coming to life in this interesting story from Demented Games.

Go Hunting Vast Hoards Of Treasure With Twisted’s Carter


Go exploring ancient tombs with the amazing looking Carter model from Demented Games for Twisted!

Demented Games’ Store Launches In Two Days For Long Awaited Twisted!


Steampunk fans should be excited to hear that Demented Games' webstore launches in 2 days! Now gamers will be able to buy the first miniatures for the fantastic world of Twisted.

Big News For Twisted From Demented Games In February!


Looks like we'll be getting Twisted in February! Demented Games has decided not to wait for a Kickstarter and will be bringing forward regular releases for their storybook steampunk miniatures game, Twisted!

Creative Process For M’Dusa in Upcoming Twisted


While waiting for Demented Games to announce their Kickstarter for Twisted, they have been entertaining us with demonstrations of their WIP's. This month's highlight is M'Dusa and shows her going through her formative stages.

A Bit of “Twisted” Metal With Artful Dodger WIP Scuplt


Demented Games is doing a WIP series to give us a glimpse of the sculpting process for their awesome Steampunk miniatures for their game, Twisted. The second of this series being featured this week is the Artful Dodger.

Twisted’s Feygin Gets a Final Look from Demented Games


Twisted has released the final workup of the Feygin miniature from Demented Games.

A New Twist On M’Dusa By Demented Games


Twisted, a new steampunk game by Demented Games, releases new images of their M'Dusa miniature.

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