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DV Giochi

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Embark On A 3D Pop Up Adventure In Board Game, Wonder Book


Story and narrative is something I really enjoy as part of playing board games. Especially if I am able to go on a fantasy whirlwind adventure alongside whimsical characters as if taken from a storybook of age.  Upcoming from publisher dV Giochi later this year, the cooperative adventure Wonderbook does exactly that. Playing through a pop-up storybook as the board, players work together to journey through the fantastical world of Oniria. 

Be At Her Majesty’s Service In 7 For The Queen


The Queen wants a beautiful necklace, and here you are, a lowly jeweler, trying desperately to make ends meet. If it seems too good to be true, that's because it is. Your Queen is a fickle woman. 

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