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Eggert Spiele

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Great Western Trail’s Board Game Trilogy Heads To Argentina


Great Western Trail is a brilliant board game of moving cattle across the tabletop and looking to sell them for the highest price at the market. The original is a stalwart in my group's collection and it recently got an updated version with 2021's second edition. This year, they are heading to Argentina. 

Head To Coimbra & Schmooze Your Way Into New Developments!


Asmodee has been resurrecting, bringing board games of previous editions to the forefront. Next on this venture to return is, Coimbra by Eggertspiele.

Venture Into The Medieval Era With Eggertspiele Expansion


Eggertspiele have an expansion coming for Matt Leacock's Era: Medieval Age which adds in more elements which can help you develop your town. 

Roll & Build With Matt Leacock’s Era: Medieval Age


Eggertspiele is looking to publish a new Matt Leacock game this year, Era: Medieval Age. Whilst we've seen a lot of Roll & Write games, this is a Roll & Build one.

Rule The Night In Blackout: Hong Kong


Darkness falls over Hong Kong, as the city experiences a large scale blackout.

Eggert Spiele Announce New Camel Up Edition


Funny story, a man once tried to pay two camels for my sister. I, of course, told him no. And that, my friend, is why I now own three camels.

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