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FireForge Hand Lances To Their New Cavalry


FireForge Games have shown off another preview of their upcoming plastic cavalry range, equipping them with lances for a spectacular charge.

FireForge Games Preview Northern Cavalry Miniatures


Adding to the previews for their upcoming Army Of The North project, FireForge Games has shown off their Northern Cavalry which will be available through a Kickstarter campaign.

FireForge Preview More Minis For Their Northmen Kickstarter


FireForge have shown off some assembled WiP minis for their upcoming Northmen Infantry Kickstarter.

FireForge Bringing Plastic Northern Infantry Kit To Kickstarter


FireForge Games are working towards a Kickstarter this Summer which will allow them to create a range of Northern Infantry for their Forgotten World range.

FireForge Clad Themselves In Amour With Their Foot Knights


FireForge Games have clad themselves in armour and are ready for battle as their Foot Knights XI-XIIIc are now available in a new plastic set.

FireForge Lead Your Byzantines With New Infantry Command Set


FireForge Games has added a new Infantry Command Set to their webstore for those of you looking to expand upon the plastic kit they released last year.

New Byzantines & Mongolian Royal Guard On The Way From FireForge


FireForge Games have their sights set on some cool projects this year but they will also be adding to their existing ranges too.

Weekender XLBS: SAGA 2nd Edition; Our Thoughts On The New Rules


Hack Away Using Fireforge’s Upcoming Blister Of Halberds


FireForge Games have a new blister of plastic, medieval weaponry on its way, giving your troops either halberds or bardiches to wield into the frey.

FireForge Make Plans To Lay Siege To Kickstarter


FireForge are playing with the idea of heading to Kickstarter to bring out a range of plastic siege weapons.

Take Cover Behind FireForge’s Pavise Shields


FireForge have got three new resin packs of Pavise shields on the way, letting you keep your men at arms safe in the face of enemy arrows.

FireForge Games Show Off More Fantastical Knights


FireForge Games has been showing off some of their Fantasy Knights with a twist towards the evil from the look of them.

Sorceresses And Amazons Play Football At FireForge


FireForge Games have announced that they will soon be heading to Kickstarter with a fantasy team of Amazons.

FireForge Gather Their Female Fantasy Football Team


FireForge Games are delving into the world of Fantasy Football with their new Female Team which could easily work as both Humans and Elves I reckon.

FireForge’s Byzantines March Out For A Preview


FireForge have previewed the miniatures for the Byzantine Skoutatoi Infantry that are currently up for pre-order.

FireForge Blow Their Own Trumpet With Byzantine WiPs


FireForge Games have shown off a pair of new WiPs, musicians ready to sound the call to battle.

Fireforge Games Announce The Byzantines As Their Next Plastic Range


Fireforge Games have announced that they will be working on a new range of miniatures recreating the Byzantine armies, the first unit of which is already up for pre-order.

Saladin Leads The A Crusading Army From FireForge


FireForge Games has now added another character to their webstore who will lead the Armies Of Islam. See what you make of Saladin.

FireForge’s Burn & Loot Supplement Now Available


FireForge Games has now made their Deus Vult: Burn & Loot supplement available for you to buy over at their webstore. It's time to go Viking and start plundering from your neighbours across the North Sea.

FireForge Preview Plastic Byzantine Warriors Coming Soon


FireForge has given us a heads-up as to what is coming from them next and it looks like we're heading to Byzantium with their new plastic warrior box.

The Jarl of Sweden Appears At FireForge Games


Fireforge Games have released a new hero figure from the annals of Swedish history, the statesmen Birgen Jarl.

Weekender XLBS: The Daring Raid Of St Nazaire & What’s Next For Warlord Games?


We're back for our Backstage chat as we delve into the world of tabletop gaming once more on The Weekender XLBS.

Burn & Loot: Wrath Of The Northmen Coming From FireForge


Bringing the Burn & Loot focus to the Dark Age, FireForge Games are looking to have their new book, Wrath Of The Northmen, available at Salute this year.

FireForge’s Scandinavian Infantry Finalised & Ready For Battle


FireForge Games has now finalised their Scandinavian Infantry for use in your Medieval ventures on the tabletop. The set comes with plenty of options for weapons and they're looking like a fearsome warband.

FireForge Mount Up & Preview Upcoming Albion Knights


Expanding upon their Fantasy range FireForge Games showed off some of their new models that will be gracing the tabletop with a plastic set in the Autumn of 2017. Here we have the Albion Knights.

Plastic Scandinavian Test Models Arm Themselves From FireForge


Giving you a sense of the kind of models and their weapons available as part of their upcoming set of infantry FireForge Games has shown off some previews for their Scandinavian Infantry.

Weekender XLBS: Hoards Of Historical Hobby & Roko’s Basilisk Melts Minds


We're getting stuck into some chatter about where we stand on the Historical front when it comes to tabletop gaming and some of the projects that might feature for use here at BoW.

New Scandinavian Infantry Coming Soon From FireForge Games


FireForge Games posted up some previews of both the models and artwork that will be coming your way for the Scandinavian Infantry set. As a new plastic set, you'll have a neat group of Medieval bearded warriors!

Nobles Mount Up On Pegasus From FireForge Games


FireForge Games are mounting up once again as they put their Nobles on some Pegasi to match their other Knights for use with the 9th Age.

Weekender: Epic Kickstarters Go To War!


Join us for The Weekender today where we're unveiling the winners of Hobbyween and diving into a mighty battle on Kickstarter!

Pre-Order Pegasus Knights From FireForge Games!


FireForge Games has begun to take pre-orders for their Pegasus Knights which you could use in your games of 9th Age and indeed whatever other Fantasy game takes your fancy!

Weekender: Walking Dead Winners, Blood Bowl Returns & Mythic Battles Breaks $1M


We've somewhat recovered from The Walking Dead: All Out War Boot Camp and will be diving into our thoughts on the game and much more besides!

Burn & Loot Starter Set Now On Pre-Order From FireForge


FireForge Games have put together their new Burn & Loot Starter Set, expanding on the ways you can play your games of Deus Vult during the Medieval period.

Fireforge Rain Down Arrows On You With Medieval Archers


A new set of Medieval Archers is on the way from FireForge Games for those looking to defend their castle walls.

FireForge Show Off Cover Art For Their Burn & Loot Starter Set


FireForge Games have shown off the cover art for a new Burn & Loot Starter Set which will give you a range of miniatures to play out their Medieval skirmish game.

Skirmish In Deus Vult Soon With Burn & Loot Expansion


The minds at FireForge Games have another expansion on the way for the world of Deus Vult. See what you think of the Burn & Loot Expansion, the cover of which is below...

Two New Crusader & Arab Armies Ride Into Battle From FireForge


Two new army lists have been added to the download section of the FireForge website allowing you to play as the Early Crusader States of 1100 - 1128 and the Arab Dynasties of 945 - 1150.

FireForge Ride Into Battle Under Tsubodai Of The Mongols


We took a look at the preview of Tsubodai last year from FireForge and now he is available to buy! If you need a leader for your Mongol horde then check out the fully painted version of him for a bit of inspiration...

Command Your Medieval Rus Forces With Alexander Nevsky


FireForge have worked on their Medieval Rus collection some more and produced a look at how Alexander Nevsky will look when he hits the tabletop next year. He's looking very commanding and comes with another of those very detailed shields...

FireForge Games Reveal Medieval Rus Infantry Commanders


FireForge Games have previewed some of the command models which will help build up their Medieval Rus infantry regiments in Dues Vult and beyond.

FireForge Puts Up New Releases For Pre-Order


FireForge Games is releasing some new Arab soldiers as well as Crusaders to answer that call from a high authority.

A Great Mongolian General Coming From FireForge Soon


Tsubodai or Subutai dependent on your origin was a masterful Mongolian general in the service of Genghis Khan and now he's going to be available from FireForge to lead the rest of the horde on their rampage across Asia and Europe...

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